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The Normanby Local History Group

  The Normanby Local History Group is a non-profit making collection of people who are interested in keeping the rich history of this small area in the North East of England alive for future generations to enjoy.

What We Do

  We research and uncover: archive records, photographs, artefacts and living memories of everything that has created the community of Normanby that we live or have lived in.

  We produce publications  including calendars, postcards, prints and booklets on some fascinating subjects about Normanby including Spencer Hardwick's brilliant booklets on life growing up in Normanby gained from his 90 years of living here along with Eric Armstrong's booklet on The Poverina Pub, the Old Mill and Richardson's Brewery.

  We hold monthly meetings  as well as other events   including exhibitions of our work and collections usually at the Normanby Methodist Church.
  You are very welcome to come along and see what we do.

Our Website

  This website is to act as an online magazine where new and interesting articles  on Normanby can be published and new material discovered with your help.

  You can add your memories of Normanby to our moderated Message Board  and we welcome any photographs that you may have and are willing to share with us.

Our facebook Page

  This provides regular information on our group's events and activities as well as timely reports of local events together with great photos and videos too!   See our facebook  page.

Where We Are

  Normanby began as a small village in the North Riding of the county of Yorkshire. This county was succeeded (for Normanby) in 1968 by the county borough of Teesside which only lasted six years until 1974 when absorbed into the new county of Cleveland - itself abolished in 1996.
  So Normanby is now in the borough of Redcar & Cleveland     (within the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire).
  Nevertheless traditionalists consider Normanby still lies within the North Riding of Yorkshire.

Area We Cover

  The Normanby Local History Group covers the geographical area from the top of the Eston hills northwards to the river Tees foreshore at South Bank.   Spencer Beck forms the Western boundary, with Crossbeck forming the ancient Eastern boundary.   However we have extended our area of research eastwards to include Woodgarth and Old Eston.

Pic 04 Methodist chapel from turn of 20th Century

Last Message Board Update: 7 Nov 2017

Most Recent Page Updates: - -

17 February 2018 - - Articles - Update
Eston Grammar School 1963 Year Book of photographs
- of staff & each class with known names.
- More names added already!.

9 February 2018 - - Articles - Update
Addition of new photo with many pupils names -
- of Normanby School Class 1951/52.

3 February 2018 - - Appeals - Update
                     and    Articles - Update
Additional info from Eric Barker on Eston Silver Band
and his grandfather trombonist Isaac Atkinson Barker
(former ironstone miner) on his 90th Birthday in 1974.

21 January 2018 - - Photo Gallery  "Fallen Heroes"
New Gallery of photos of World War 1 graves & memorials -
- in our local Normanby & Eston Cemetery.

10 January 2018 - - Articles - Update
Addition of links to Photo Gallery of Film Premier (& Preview)
- First Public Showing on 29th November of
"Gallantry in the Face of the Enemy - William Henry Short V.C."

8 December 2017 - - Past Events  & Photo Gallery
Normanby Remembrance Day Service -
- 11am on Saturday 11th November 2017.

29 November 2017 - - Publications
Our first DVD now available - of the film
"Gallantry in the Face of the Enemy - William Henry Short V.C."

See all the Previous Page Updates.

  Map of GB showing North East of England       Map of NE England showing Normanby location Pic 05 Buxtons Store

Latest News and Articles

Planned Events for 2018

Regular meetings on 4th Wednesday of each month
- see our Events  page.

16th Annual Exhibition July 2018

Our Normanby Local History Group’s Annual Exhibition
will be held as usual at Normanby Methodist Church.

  A report and a gallery of photos of last year's exhibition can be found on our Past Events  page.

Bridge Cracked

New Article - Work-in-Progress !!
"Eston Grammar School 1963 Year Book Photos" - 6 February 2018

  This Article features a list of the class photographs from the 1963 Year Book of Eston Grammar School.
  This Year Book was given to our Group for safe-keeping by a former member of the school staff.

  As many names as possible of the pupils and teachers are identified for each photo.
  Please feel free to view and enjoy them - perhaps recognise yourself and former classmates - and so provide us with more names to add.

  This new Article is regularly updated with your input !
  So do come back again and look for new entries !

See this Article on
"Eston Grammar School Year Book 1963"

Eston Grammar School 1963 Staff

Film Premier - First Public Showing - 29 November 2017  

The Normanby Local History Group are pleased to announce that
we presented the first public showing of the film
"Gallantry in the Face of the Enemy - William Henry Short V.C."
on Wed 29th November at the Eston & Normanby Social Club.

Entry was free - all were made welcome !

About 80 people including four members of the Green Howards Regiment attended this film premiere
to see the story of our local VC hero of World War One.

The Guest of Honour was Sir Harry Wilmot DL
Her Majesty's Deputy Lieutenant of North Yorkshire.

For more information about William Short & the film project
see this Articles  page.

William Henry Short VC - Film Poster

Group Members’ Trip to Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum, Skinningrove - 30 August 2017  

   Members of our group spent a morning near Skinningrove visiting the Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum.
   This was a very appropriate trip for us as our village of Normanby grew considerably as a result of the many miners who lived here and worked in the local ironstone mines.
   It was a very enjoyable experience that was both interesting and informative.

  More information (and a link to a gallery of photos)
can be found on our Past Events  page.

Normanby LHG Trip to Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum

New Publication!!
2018 Calendar of Normanby "Past & Present" - 29 September 2017  

  Our group's calendars have always been popular and we have just published our new 2018 calendar.
  Once again this depicts pictures of Normanby scenes "Past & Present" taken from nearly the same viewpoints.
  So you can check whether our village has changed - or hasn't!

   Please note that this calendar is a completely new design ( a big improvement in quality and content) which is more expensive to produce than previous editions.
   So after 14 years (when we have absorbed the increased costs of paper and printing) we have raised the price by just 25% to £5.

See our Publications  page for more details & availability.

2018 Normanby Calendar

Group Members’ Trip to Richmond - 17 May 2017  

   Members of our group spent a mainly fine day at Richmond visiting the Green Howards Museum and whatever else took our fancy!
   It was a very enjoyable day which was interesting and informative.

  More information (and a link to a gallery of photos)
can be found on our Past Events  page.


Normanby LHG Trip to Richmond

Normanby Local History Group Awarded Grant
   by Heritage Lottery Fund for Project to Mark
      First World War Centenary - 12 May 2017

   Normanby Local History Group has received £10,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for a project entitled:
  "Gallantry in the Face of the Enemy, William Henry Short VC."
   Made possible by National Lottery players through HLF's
"First World War: Then and Now" programme, the project will focus on the life of local man William Henry Short.
   Local Hero Private William Short of the 8th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards) received the Victoria Cross for most conspicuous bravery on the 6th August 1916.
   A production company "Lonely Tower Film & Media" based in north-east England will be assisting our group to produce a film about our local hero for showing locally and available in schools and libraries.

  For more information about this project and progress updates
see this Articles  page.

      William Henry Short William Short VC - Medal & Cap

New Marker Stone of Former
  Site of Saint Helen’s Church - 21 March 2017

  The original marker plaque (photo opposite) was vandalized and then removed for safekeeping to the nearby funeral parlour (in the former East Lodge of the cemetery).
  However what happened to the marker after that is not known!
      (Click on photo opposite for a larger image)

If you have information on the original plaque’s whereabouts -
- then please contact us  !

  Thanks to the Eston community and Teesville ward councillors a new stone was commissioned to mark the former site of our Saint Helen’s Church and was recently unveiled.
    (photos opposite by Barbara Greenmon).

  Saint Helen’s Church had 12th century origins and became the parish church from 1868 until 1884 when Christ Church, Eston was built.
  In 1899 it was turned over for use as a cemetery church.  It returned to Parochial status in the 1920s when the need for a church was realized upon the building of the Teesville Estates.
  Saint Helen’s Church was well used and a choir was formed in the late 1940s and remained until its closure in 1985.

  Regretably Saint Helen’s was vandalised and even set on fire in 1992.
  Eventually in 1998 it was dismantled and transported to Beamish Open Air Museum for storage.
  Ten years later rebuilding began which was completed in 2015.

  Members of our history group were pleased to be invited to the opening of the restored church on 15th November 2015 to see the splendid achievement of Beamish Museum.
  For views & video of this visit go to our photo gallery  page     (photos and video by Barbara & Harry Greenmon).

There is more about Saint Helen’s in Sylvia Fairbrass’ Article
Saint Helen’s Parish Registers & Cemetery


Sad News from Normanby Local History Group - 17 February 2017

  Our group's oldest member (99 last October) and author of several of our booklets Spencer Hardwick passed away on 9th February at the care home in Scarborough where he moved last year.
  Spencer's funeral took place on Thursday 23rd February at Woodlands Crematorium, Scarborough.

  Spencer was a founding member of our Group as well as being a great inspiration to its early members and his knowledge was often called on at our group meetings.

  We were fortunate that Spencer wrote three of our group’s booklets recounting his memories of his early life in Normanby to present day.   His stories are a wealth of information on the history of our village.
Booklet 1: "Normanby Remembered"
Booklet 2: "Further Memories Of Normanby"
Booklet 4: "The Nab Still Looks Down - More Recollections of Normanby"

  We all have memories of our past - but too few of us make the effort to record these - thankfully Spencer did so in these booklets.
   We are grateful that Spencer recounted his memories of times past so humorously, affectionately and graphically that the story of our Normanby village and its people is brought to life once more.

               Rest in Peace Spencer.

Spencer Hardwick Normanby LHG Booklet 1 - Normanby Remembered Spencer Hardwick in Scouts. 1st left

Previous News & Articles

  All those prior to 2017 have been moved to a separate page so as to keep this home page more timely.

See Previous News & Articles from 2011 to 2016.

St.Helen's Vestry rebuild at Beamish