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Normanby County School 1952 Class ?

Normanby School Photo Class - 1952-class
This photograph from Eric Barker

Teacher: ---???--- (not present)
Names of known pupils (left to right) -
Back (4th) Row:
1.Terry Elderfield   2.---???---   3.Eric Barker   4.John Richardson   5.Ron Harding   6.Steve Prest
7.Dennis Kerrison   8.---???---   9.Mike Buxton   10.Robin Crow
Middle (3rd) Row:
1.Gordon North   2.Brian Cook   3.John Stonehouse   4.---???---   5.---???---   6.Hilary Small
7.Enid Landell   8.-?? Bone   9.Terry Coulton   10.Geoff Blott   11.Eric Pretty
Middle (2nd) Row:
1.---???---   2.---???---   3.---???---   4.Doreen Would   5.Pamela Hamell   6.Margaret Wastell
7.---???---   8.---???---   9.---???---   10.---???---   11.-?? Holiday   12.---???---
Front (1st) Row:
1.Eric Towler   2.---???---   3.Dennis Harrison   4.Ken Thwaites   5.Neil Simms   6.---???---
7.Bill Barker   8.Billy Bunn   9.Ian Bell

29 May 2017 update from Pamela Lloyd - 3rd row 6th child is my sister Hilary Small. She has a single bow in her hair.
30 Oct 2017 several updates from Terry Coulton - 3rd row 9th child - (via Kester Marsh).

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