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Normanby County School 1953 Class ?

Normanby School Photo Class - 1953-class
This photograph from Brenda Wheatley (nee Marshall)

Teacher: Ken Oversby
Names of known pupils (left to right) -
Back (4th) Row:
1.John Dickenson   2.Keith Wanless   3.Charlie/John? Kilvington   4.Cecil Clark   5.Peter Rogers   6.John Devoile
7.Brian Craven   8.Stanley Housam   9.Roy Sherwood   10.John Lees   11.John Humble
Middle (3rd) Row:
1.Beryl Mazzetti   2.Kay Lee   3.Brenda Marshall (now Wheatley)   4.Ann Bryson/Jackson?   5.Margaret Turnbull
6.Pat Watson   7.Rita Fines   8.Kathleen Allenden   9.Ethel North   10.Norma Pearson   11.Wendy Towers
12.Joan Clark   13.Marjorie Brace   14.Margaret Horne
Middle (2nd) Row:
1.Pat Duncan   2.Dorothy Cox   3.Joyce Bryan (now Harwood)   4.Jennifer Tye   5.Janet Lee   6.Ann Taylor
7.Dorothy Evison   8.Mavis Kennedy   9.Margaret Benson   10.Kathleen Honeywell (now Anderson)
11.Carol Harnby   12.Sandra Kerrison
Front (1st) Row:
1.John Bowl   2.John Crosby   3.David Almond   4.Barry/Brian? Payne   5.Eric Carter   6.David Borwell   7.John Watson

28 August 2017 update: this photo appeared in the magazine Now&Then No.106 of April/May 2017 asking for names.
Replies were printed in the next edition from Wendy Doyle (nee Towers), Mrs K.Andersen, Peter Rogers and Ian Small
which enabled the names above to be completed. Thanks to you all.
30 October 2017 update: Kester Marsh said - "Back Row No 9 I think should be ROY" [not Ray]

*** Do you recognise anyone in the photograph whose name given above is missing or incomplete or wrong? ***
*** What memories do you have of this Class? ***
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