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Normanby LHG Trip to Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum, Skinningrove 30th August 2017

2nd Group Outing of 2017

Our group members made their own way to the Museum where they had tea and coffee before lining up for a photo shoot to record the event.
The group was then split into 2 parties and members were provided with hard hats before the tour began.
We all squeezed into the hut where miners picked up their talleys before entering the drift and divested themselves of matches. No smoking underground!
We got to experience just how the temperature decreased and the darkness increased as we went further into the drift how dangerous a place it could be with tubs travelling close and only an iron brake that had to be thrown into the wheels to stop them. We heard the sounds of the mine and Gladstone the rat (one of many that would be down there) in the darkness.
We also had a demonstration by our guide setting off a charge to bring down the rock containing the ore. We again squeezed into a little hut while the explosion happened and ventured into the darkness again to see the result of the rock fall.
On then to the rest of the museum to see more of the history of the mines, mining artifacts (hats, boots and horse) and the fans that brought fresh air into the mines.
Our guides on the day were very informative and an enjoyable time was had by all.
 Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum - Valley of Iron c.1905 
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