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Saint Helen's Church at Beamish: Opening on 15th November 2015

The Box Pews in Saint Helen's Church

When box pews existed in churches each pew could be rented by a member of the local congregation, with the pews nearest the pulpit being the most expensive.
There is a document "An Account of the Pews in Eston Chapel 1824" (see our website article "Saint Helen's Parish Registers & Cemetery")
This account lists the names of the people who rented the pews at St.Helen's.
Their names are now painted onto the side panels of these pews to record some the Georgian congregation of St Helen's.
 2015 St.Helens Church Opening: Lady Hewley's Trust Paid 32 Pounds in 1824 to Purchase
Three Pews for the "newly erected (parish) church at Eston". 
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