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MARRIAGES 1590 to 1837

     Information has been extracted by Sylvia Fairbrass from the Saint Helen’s Church (Eston) Parish Register of Marriages and used to create a database which is used to produce various record listings.

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Saint Helen’s Parish Register
1590 to 1837
Marriages by Date

ForenameSurnameParish or JobStateAgeForenameSurnameStateAge
15450 00 0Register 1545-1590 Lost. Received its own Priest
15460 00 0Henry Addynson Yeoman of Normanby Manor
21 Jun 1590Peter JeffersonAnne Calham
30 Jun 1590William WalsheElizabeth Clark
26 Jul 1590Henry SeamerAnn Walshe
10 Nov 1590Thomas JacksonElizabeth Carrocke
15 Nov 1590John LanghorneElizabeth Seamer
24 Nov 1590William WilsonElizabeth Corcar
28 May 1591William FluddersElizabeth Robinson
13 Jun 1591William 0Anne Wodd
15920 00 0
2 Apr 1593William MasonMargeri Ward
3 Apr 1593Raphe FulthropMargaret Robinson
27 May 1593Robert HopeAnne Holdie
2 Jun 1593John PotterFrancis Nicholson
16 Jun 1594William BaitesElizabeth Harplay
1 Jul 1594Thomas JohnsonJane Corner
3 Jul 1594William ManIsabell Lawe
19 Nov 1594Gregorie ColsonJane Snowdon
25 Feb 1594James PeighenMary Wilson
15950 00 0No marriages. Bad Harvest
15960 00 0No marriages. Bad Harvest
15970 00 01 marriage, 6 baptisms 45 burials
24 Jul 1597Christopher BrasseDorothie 0
15980 00 02 marriages 9 baptisms, 51 deaths
9 Oct 1598Nicholas DuneAlice Man
29 Oct 1598William MeggsonDorothie Brasse
9 Aug 1599Michaell FleckeJane Johnson
22 Aug 1599Asculphe SnowdonAnne Grastock
28 Aug 1599Cuthbert YoungMargaret Coton
16 Dec 1599Roger StoxlayKatherin Pikard
15 Jan 1599Brian FlatomMargerie Linesse
4 Feb 1599William HedlamKatherine Nailer
27 May 1600George HunterDorothie Hudson
15 Jul 1600Nicholas DuneMary Redman
2 Nov 1600John WelfoteMary Man
9 Nov 1600Robert WigganElizabeth Grastock
24 May 1601Thomas DunneJane Burne
20 Oct 1601Robert JohnsonJane Colson
9 May 1602Thomas SnowdonAnn Yonge
14 Jun 1602George SimpsonJane Snowdon
27 Feb 1602Christopher BowesMargaret Huton
27 Feb 1602Thomas BakerMargery Salmon
16030 00 01603 quarantine legislation introduced. Plague and Typhus
14 Sep 1603Thomas BaitesMargery Wilson
2 Oct 1603Robert SillibaneIsabell Herrison
10 Oct 1603Francis ScarthElizabeth Sillibane
17 Oct 1603Brian MetcalfeAne Raine
12 Dec 1603George HunterMargaret Peighan
17 Jun 1604Robert SimpsonSicile Wilkinson
21 Oct 1604Steven RobinsonElizabeth Arsom
16 Jun 1605Henry kyddeJane Symson
21 Jul 1605Richard SteelEmet Corney
16 Feb 1606George ManMary Gowland
16070 00 0Prosecution followed by Crisis death year
10 May 1607Thomas MarwoodeEmmet Raisbeck
11 Aug 1607William CuthbertElizabeth Ruddock
4 Oct 1607Thomas BakerAnne Naylor
7 Apr 1608Richard BanysonneElizabeth Paicocke
19 Sep 1608Richard WalkerMargaret Faucet
11 May 1609Anthony NixonMary Dunne
20 Jun 1609Raphe GrangeElizabeth Baytes
29 Jun 1609Thomas ThompsonSicile Ingledew
1 May 1610Francis WilsonAnne Fishwick
5 Jun 1610Robert RaisbeckElizabeth Barker
3 Jul 1610Brian MetcalfeAnne Grange
21 Oct 1610Richard Taler (son)Isabell Wheatley
2 Dec 1610William SillibaneMargaret Jackson
7 May 1611Thomas WardJane Ruddock
13 Oct 1611Thomas CornforthHelen Bennison
1 Dec 1611Richard WaltonMargaret Snowdon
18 Feb 1611William GowlandMargaret Barker
7 Jul 1612William ThompsonJane Man
Oct 1612John PunderMary Nixon
19 Oct 1612Robert SpencerElizabeth Walker
25 Oct 1612James HerrisonJane Raisbeck
8 Nov 1612Hugh NicolsAnne Wilkinson
1 Jun 1613John HerrisonAlice Pilcher
10 Oct 1613William ThompsonMary Hudson
30 Nov 1613Nicholas RobinsonElizabeth Bennison
15 Feb 1613John HewitAnn Marwood
8 Mar 1614James KildaileJane Whitehead
31 Aug 1615Richard JacksonIsabell Sillibane
8 Aug 1615Lancelot VicarsMary Samson
13 Nov 1615Thomas StoctonMargaret Addeson
21 May 1616William SparkeJane Corney
17 Sep 1616Thomas IngledewMargaret Posgait
22 Oct 1616John PunderAnne Langhorne
26 Nov 1616John GarthElizabeth Baites
30 Dec 1616Mathew WhiteheadMargaret Wheatley
20 May 1617Edward FeatherstoneJane Peighan
23 Nov 1617John LanghorneMary Mason
15 Nov 1618John CulleyElizabeth Saure
1 Dec 1618Christopher GreensidsKath: Walker
10 Jan 1618Henry KingeAnne Brasse
11 Apr 1619William SmithAnne Jackson
11 Apr 1619Raife ThompsonMargaret Young
28 Nov 1619Francis BellElizabeth Beene
20 Apr 1620Jac SnawdonJane Carrocke
5 Nov 1620George BurgesJane Flecher
14 Jan 1620John WalkerJane Stope
6 Jun 1621William BaitesSusann Addeson
4 Nov 1621John RobinsonElizabeth Johnson
14 Apr 1622Thomas youngeElizabeth Watson
14 Jul 1622Robert GreensidsAnn Atkinson
11 Aug 1622Thomas SadlerEmmet Steel
6 May 1623Robert IngledewAlice Ward
9 Jun 1623Francis LasyilsMeriol Addison
8 Jun 1624Nicholas BarkerElizabeth Snowdon
27 Jun 1624George AyreElizabeth Agar
10 Oct 1624John BartramMargereet Linas
24 Nov 1624John HeronMargeret Metcalfe
27 Nov 1624Francis BrouneAnne King
30 Nov 1624William PeackockJane Snowdon
1 May 1625John WhitbySusuans Joyce
1 May 1626John RodgersGrace Young
27 Jul 1626Mr. StoopeMary Baytes
19 Nov 1626William FishwickeElizabeth Cully
5 Dec 1626Nicholas Robbisonmargerete Walton
24 Feb 1627Richard MasonElizabeth Foster
15 Jun 1628Thomas CulleyIsabell Bellantine
22 Jun 1628Richard Welfotemargeret Peacocke
15 Jul 1628William Atkinsonmargeret SilliburneSillibane
2 Nov 1628Peter WoodesAuerill ThompsonPeeter
19 Apr 1629Thomas JohnsonElizabeth Ayre
5 May 1629Thomas SnowdonSissille Robinson
4 Aug 1629George LinusEmmet Barker
4 Aug 1629Thomas SkirryElizabeth ColsonThe same day
26 Sep 1629Steven StoopeElizabeth GraingeNo Stoope death recorded
1 Nov 1629William CulleyAlice Clasper
16 Dec 1630William RuddockeAnne Jackson
30 Jun 1631Nicholas KuddockeMargeret JohnsonRuddocke?
10 Nov 1631Thomas ThompsonElizabeth Silliburne
8 May 1632Thomas PeighinMary Bartrumpeighen
16330 00 0No marriages.
30 Dec 16340 00 0The start of Son/Dau in bap/death registers
30 Nov 1634Robert SylliburnJane Johnson
28 Apr 1635William DickesonAnn Bartrum
17 Sep 1635George SnowdonEmmet Lawson
29 Nov 1635Thomas WheatleyMary Snowdon
14 Feb 1635Michaell WildeAnne Welfoote
16360 00 0No marriages. Bubonic Plague year
4 Jun 1637George ThompsonElizabeth Stoxley
26 Nov 1637Raife PeackockAlice Harrison
7 Jun 1638William SnowdonEmott Linesse
28 Jun 1638Robert JacksonAnne Snowdon
2 Nov 1638George BarkerJane Silliburne
14 May 1639William HebborneElizabeth Stockton
30 Jun 1639Thomas MattesonJane Coatham
20 Aug 1639Bartho NicolsMary Wheatley
20 Sep 1639Richard MattesonElizabeth SlumerSlummer
13 Oct 1639John PearsonIsabell Weatherilt
27 Oct 1639William WheatleyElizabeth Wyeman
27 Oct 1639Francis BellKatherine WilsonThe same day
2 Nov 1640Thomas JohnsonAnne Whitehead
21 Feb 1640John WilsonAnne Manart
30 May 1641John CoatamMargery Walton
30 Oct 1641Robert RipleaySusann Walker
28 Nov 1641James SpencerJane Mattesone
10 May 1642Richard FlundersElizabeth Gowland
16430 00 0No marriages.
25 Sep 1644George Mansusanna Barker
23 Feb 1645Thomas GrangeMeriol AddisonMeriall
27 Sep 1646Thomas SadlerElizabeth Cassick
9 Dec 1647William SnowdonElizabeth Robinson
13 Dec 1647James SelliburneMargret Raisbeck
22 Oct 1648Robert RanisonEllinor Harrison
12 Nov 1648William LanghorneMargret Nichols
2 May 1649Thomas FosterCicely Coes
9 May 1650George SnowdonAnn Ro?.heath
18 May 1650Thomas GowlandElizabeth Ingledew
11 Dec 1651Richard SlummerDorothy Porret
16520 00 0No marriages. Oliver Cromwell took away Clergy's sole right to conduct Marriages. Justice of the Peace and Parish Registrar (Clerk) performed Civil ceremonies
16530 00 0No marriages.
11 May 1654John HorneMinisterJane JohnsonJ Horne Clerk appointed Register for parish of Eston 28th April 1654
24 Oct 1654Franc AllinsonAnne GreysonMarried by Mr Lassels Justice of Peace
16550 00 0No marriages.
16560 00 0No marriages.
16570 00 0No marriages.
12 Aug 1658John ReedeElizabeth Thompson
16590 00 0No marriages.
16600 00 0No marriages. Restoration of clergy
19 Nov 1661Robert AgarJane Walton
5 Dec 1661John SnowdonAnne Jackson
15 Jan 1661John RobinsonJoan Riedhead
16620 00 0No marriages.
3 Nov 1663Thomas GrangeKatherine Seaton
30 Nov 1663John WilsonJane Thompson
6 Jul 1664George SilliburneJane Sanderson
17 Nov 1664Thomas CrowIsabell Hutchison
24 Nov 1664Thomas WilliamsonJane Walton
24 Nov 1664Simon AtkinsonCicele PeacockThe same day
16650 00 0Great Plague
14 Oct 1665Robert CoatamMary Tipter
10 Jul 1666Richard SlummerAnne Worfolk?
11 Dec 1666William WheatleyAnne Snowdon
16670 00 0No marriages.
26 Nov 1668William WoodEmmet Peacock
14 Jan 1668William WhitbyMargerie Peacock
2 Feb 1668James HarrisonJane ThompsonDavid Burton the Curate buried by Mr Jackson of Wilton 20 Feb 1669
11 Jul 1669Railph BankesAnne Johnson
28 Sep 1669Robert RobinsonElizabeth Dickison
21 Aug 1670Thomas AndrewElizabeth Bell
7 Mar 1670Henry SmithMargeret Mason
24 Apr 1671Thomas PaullElizabeth 0his wife married
9 May 1671Christopher FoxMargery Gowland
2 Nov 1671John MahewMary Clarionet
12 Dec 1671Ranauld AtkinsonMeriall Dickison
23 Jan 1672Thomas PeacockMargeret Johnson
23 Jan 1672John WilyAnne PeartThe same day
24 Feb 1672William ThompsonBarbera Thompson
16730 00 0No marriages.
16740 00 0No marriages.
11 Nov 1675Christopher ReedMargeret Gowland
20 Jun 1676Dennis BuckMary Tod
23 Nov 1676Robert RobsonBetteris Day
30 Jan 1676Christopher DayElizabeth Gowland
14 Apr 1677William NealeMrs Joan Snowdon
15 Nov 1677William GowlandAverill Mewburne
22 May 1678James DayElizabeth Tailer
27 Sep 1678Francis Clarke? ?Affidavit buried in woollen
6 Apr 1679William SelliburneAbigell SnowdonWilliam son of James the younger and Youngest daughter of Rob Snowdon of Normanby Hall, by Mr John Mahew Minister of Eston / Wilton.
9 Oct 1679Thomas LanghorneSarah Young
4 Nov 1679Robert BrattMargreat Whitit
20 Feb 1679Francis AllisonAnn Young
4 May 1680John RawMorill Taylor
29 Nov 1681Thomas SmithMargreat Pattison
24 Oct 1682William GibsonIsabell Peacock
21 Apr 1683Robert WilkinsonElizabeth Spencer
1 May 1683Richard WoodElizabeth Clarke
27 May 1683John Audis ?Ann Proddum
12 Jul 1683Thomas JohnsonElizabeth Thompson
16840 00 0No marriages.
29 Apr 1685William GibsonMary Robinson
29 Apr 1685Robert ThompsonAnn Brotton
15 Apr 1686John BrottonElizabeth HuntrisHis wife
15 Apr 1686John BrottonElizabeth Huntress
25 Nov 1686John Baxter? ?
1 Dec 1686George SelliburneMargret Denum
2 Feb 1686Richard MattinsonAnn Asckueby John Mahew
28 Apr 1687Robert LothamMary GowlandGooland
5 Jul 1688George SnowdonIsabell Asleby
24 Apr 1688Robert MeeceMargery Maisterman
8 May 1688Bartholomew NickallAlice Mattison
25 Nov 1688James JohnsonAnne Snowdon
25 Jun 1689James CuthbertMerill Prudom
24 Jun 1690George ManAnne Leaneus
13 Jan 1690Thomas UnthanckeAnn Coulson
9 Jun 1691Robert PoskittSicele Brotton
14 Jan 1691James ClarkeMary Stonehouse
9 Feb 1691John JacksonAnn Asalby
26 Jan 1691James TaylorSusanna Calvert
21 Apr 1692Thomas maystermanAnn Boyes
16930 00 0No marriages.
16940 00 0No marriages. Only 3 bapt and 2 burial entries in 1694
16950 00 0No marriages.
24 May 1696John WattsonAnn Peacock
30 Nov 1696Robert ThompsonElizabeth Snowdon
Apr 1697Lowerance CowelsonJane Haressonday?
28 Apr 1697Luke KearttonAn Agermonth?
2 Nov 1698James JohnsonAlice Longhorn
2 Nov 1699William BurtonAnn Cudbert
9 Apr 1700John MewbounElizabeth PrudomPruddom
9 Oct 1701George ShepherdAbigell WoodAbigail
30 Nov 1701James CarterSicele SnowdonSicily
12 Jul 1702Robert ManMary Alderson
17030 00 0No marriages.
25 May 1704Richard MattinsonMargret Robinson
29 Jun 1704John SwalesMary Wiledy
22 Jan 1705William SmithAbigaill Baumbrough
4 Apr 1706George WildElizabeth Richardson
26 Aug 1707William RudsdillJane Wild
13 Nov 1707Anthony NecumElizabeth English
31 Aug 1708George SmithDorothy Atkinson
17 Jan 1709Michaell SpencerAlice Robinson
11 Apr 1710William RudsdillMargret Rountry
4 Jun 1710William GarbutJane Branston
3 Aug 1710William ConsettIsabell Carter
9 Jan 1710John WildeChristyana Pickton
17110 00 0No marriages.
17 Oct 1712William ConsettElizabeth Pennyman
22 Jan 1712Thomas AllenCatherine Dowson
13 Apr 1713Robert WilliamsonMary Thompson
14 Apr 1713Thomas BrignellAbigail Syllibourn
29 Apr 1713George RudderforthMargaret Reah
15 Apr 1713Robert CalvertMary Day
12 Nov 1713James WilsonMargery Potter
6 May 1714Francis HagstoneAlice Peake
20 May 1714William ClemmitHannah Burton
31 Aug 1714Peter TunsdillMary Denton
16 May 1715George BrownJane Haggard
9 Jun 1715James RichardsonAnn Jackson
1 Dec 1715John ProsickMargaret Langhorne
Jan 1715Francis WheatleyDorothy ChapmanCrossed out
17160 00 0No marriages.
9 Jun 1717Simon HarpleyDorothy Audus
14 Nov 1717Edward HeatonMary Snowdon
1 Dec 1717Robert WilliamsonAnn Mattison
12 May 1717Francis HaggestonAnn Carrick
8 Jul 1718James ScotiMary Man
11 Jan 1718James SylliburnAnn WardHe a Mariner
6 Nov 1719Gauen HendersonMary Jackson
1 Dec 1719William BambroughJane Page
24 Jul 1720William HarperleyAlice LounsdaleBoth of parish of Newton
9 Aug 1720John GrahamJane SnowdonHe parish of Kirkleatham
10 Apr 1721John ClarkeJane PeacockBoth parish of Ormesby
10 Apr 1721John RossAbigail BurgessParish of Ormesby
23 Nov 1721John TaylorsonMargaret Coverdale
27 Mar 1722Captain ConsettMrs Joanna Pennyman
12 Jun 1722John MewbounMargaret Skadespboth of Ormesby
12 Jun 1722Simon SmithYeomanCatherine Perkins srboth of Ormesby
22 Aug 1723Thomas HarrisonAnn DentonHe parish of Borrowby
30 Nov 1723Edward HopperSarah Bottom
16 Jan 1723James SpencerAnn Dowson
7 Apr 1724William StubbsElizabeth Clemmet
22 Jul 1724Duke WhiteheadElizabeth Sanderson
30 Nov 1724William CommondaleAnn WoodifieldSpinster
1 Jan 1724Paul son of Paul HardistyeJane SillibounBy the cobbler of Osmotherly baptised 1st January [unknown day-month]
30 Mar 1725Metcalf SandersonElizabeth Snowdon
25 Jun 1725William CoverdaleDorothy Chapman
11 Oct 1725Paul HardistyeJane SillibounRemarriage to legaliseBy Vicar of Ormesby
16 Nov 1725George ManMargaret Carter
17 Feb 1725Thomas PrestonElizabeth Osburn
12 May 1726John FeasterEleanor Taylor
12 May 1726Charles CommondaleSarah Bartram
21 Nov 1726Thomas HardyElizabeth LeetlyPublication
30 Apr 1727George SpencerMary Watt
25 May 1727John BigginsSusanna Dowson
6 Jul 1727George SowerbyMargaret Nicholson
23 Nov 1727William FausetAnn Haggestone
28 Nov 1727John FosterAnn Audus
11 Jan 1727William BartramElizabeth Richardson
11 Aug 1728John AtkinsonAnn Ivison
21 Sep 1728John FewlerRachael Baker
7 Nov 1728Robert JacksonElizabeth RobinsonHe parish of Marton
28 Dec 1728James WillsonMargaret Abron
20 Feb 1728Robert SilliburneMuriel Taylor
15 Jan 1729James StewartElizabeth Jackson
11 Feb 1730John MewburnElizabeth Patton
2 Mar 1730Thomas CalvertJane West
19 Jul 1731Thomas AllenAnn HarrisonIn Ormesby church. Date unclear
11 Sep 1731William HullMargaret RobinsonPublication
16 Dec 1731John AtkinsonAnn JordesonPublicationDate unclear
30 Apr 1732James AppletonEleanor Mewburne
4 Jan 1732Robert FausetIsabell CoverdaleFawcet by Publication
17 Feb 1732William CowelsonAnn MewburneLicence
17 Apr 1733Duke WhiteheadAnn Snowdon
17 Apr 1733Ralph BentonMary Whitehead
28 Apr 1733John HutchinsonSarah Sparkhe Parish of Marton
10 Jul 1733James WilsonIsabell Hewison
28 Aug 1733Nicholas PattenMargaret Abelson
7 Oct 1733John SuggitMary Trumble
22 Sep 1734Barnabas MerintonSarah Hodgson
29 Sep 1735Robert CalvertAlice MannPublication
11 Nov 1735Thomas WhiteheadMary BartramPublication
11 Nov 1735Thomas SilliburneCatherine ReedPublication
17 Nov 1735William EldarhrahMary Joblineboth of parish Ormesby
22 Sep 1736George HartHannah MillerPublicationhe parish of Wilton
2 Mar 1736John DavisonMary GrahamPublication
29 Oct 1737John HendersonGrace Thompson
31 Dec 1738George StonehouseMary Wilkinson
17390 00 0No marriages.
14 Aug 1740Andrew SmithMargaret BrownPublication
25 Nov 1740John ElletElizabeth Comondale
7 Apr 1741Joseph RutledgeDorothy Snowdon
10 Jul 1741Robert WalkerElizabeth Hammond
16 Nov 1741John HeatonMary ThompsonPublication
6 May 1742William RobinsonSarah ClemetPublication
1 Jul 1742John AtkinsonMargaret Dixon
8 Aug 1742William TaylorElizabeth BrownPublication
9 Nov 1742George BrownJoanna HendersonPublication
17 Jan 1742Thomas Jacksonof WhorltonElizabeth WillisPublicationshe of Ormesby
25 Jun 1743James HallElizabeth Cortis
7 Jan 1743John Gowlandof KirkleathamMary OakesPublication
21 Aug 1743Richard WilliamsElizabeth PrestonPublication
3 Sep 1743James CoulsonMary BentonPublication
15 Sep 1743Richard TaylorsonJane SuggitPublication
1 May 1744Anthony BrownMargaret RawlinPublication
16 Sep 1744Mr. Christopher Woodof CraythorneMrs. Margaret ConsettLicenceshe of Acklam
1 Apr 1745James BentonElizabeth DrydenPublication
4 Aug 1745Robert PearsonJane AppletonPublication
21 Sep 1745Joseph RichsonBarbary DobsonPublicationboth parish of Ormesby
20 Apr 1746Mr.John Lundof parish of Holy Trinity Micklegate YorkMrs. Prudence Mewburnlicence granted by Mr. Jubbshe of Eston chapelry
29 Apr 1746Thomas SearlMargaret DrydenPublication
21 Sep 1746John AskewElizabeth MerserLicence by William Hide Surrogateboth parish of Ormesby
9 Nov 1746Nicholas Wilsonof GuisboroughMary ThompsonPublication
17 May 1747John JacksonMary SimonsonPublication
29 Oct 1747Richard Appletonof WhitbyJane FoggitPublication
20 Mar 1747David Fairfootof WiltonJane RudsdalePublicationshe of Eston
5 Feb 1748Thomas AllenElizabeth MerserPublication
9 May 1749Ralph Simpsonof OrmesbyMary FeasterPublicationshe of Eston
14 Nov 1749Mathew Brottonof SkeltonKatherine CoatesPublicationshe of Eston
19 Nov 1749Alexander KennitMary WrightPublication
5 Dec 1749James WhiteAnn LongburnPublication
12 Dec 1749Thomas DixonElizabeth AudusPublication
17500 000 000No marriages.
17510 000 000No marriages.
5 May 1752William BrittainYeomanElizabeth PiersonspPublicationboth parish of Ormesby
23 Nov 1752William FeastonMasonAnn PrestonspPublication
12 Jun 1753Thomas AllenLabourerElizabeth HoggWidPublication
23 Oct 1753Thomas NelsonYeomanAnn BosomworthspLicence granted by Rev. Mr Hopkinson Surrogate both parish of Whorlton
27 Nov 1753George BrownLabourerJane KirtonspPublication
27 Jun 1754John MacneillLabourerJane WarwickspPublication
12 Jun 1755John MarleyLabourerAnn MeddspPublication
23 Nov 1755John StarfordLabourer of Ormesby Jane FowlerspPublication
27 Nov 1755Robert HeavisidesLabourerAnn FoggetspPublication
11 Dec 1755Robert JacksonYeoman of WiltonElizabeth PattenspPublicationshe of this parish
18 Apr 1756Joseph CornforthYeomanSarah SandersonspPublication
25 Apr 1756George BrownLabourerElizabeth PottesspPublicationboth of this parish
25 Apr 1756John AppletonFarmerElizabeth BlakeyspPublicationshe of parish of Ormesby
4 Nov 1756George ShimeldsCarpenterAnn OrmstonespPublicationshe parish of Ormesby
24 Jan 1757John BentonButcherJane SandersonPublicationboth of this parish
27 Jan 1757William MewburnYeomanAnn MastermanspLicenceshe of Ayton at Eston
12 May 1757Thomas AngusYeoman of Medomsley DurhamEsther MannspPublicationshe of this parish
17 May 1757William SunleyYeomanAnn SnowdonspPublicationboth of this parish
9 Oct 1757John NattertonLabourerElizabeth Atkinsonspshe of Wilton
1 Dec 1757Nicholas RawlingLabourer of Grendon Co DurhamIsabell WearsspPublication
29 Apr 1758Robert Champleyof parish of Thornton YorkWidElizabeth HopperspLicence granted by Mr William Hide of Guisboroughshe of Normanby in chapelry of Eston
16 May 1758Issaiah RawGardiner of Mask ChesterMary WarwickspPublicationshe of this parish
4 Jan 1758Luke WhartonServant parish of LivertonSarah CookspPublicationshe of this parish
17 May 1759Joseph KenoerlayServantHannah SandersspPublicationboth of this parish
18 Sep 1759James SnowdonBlacksmithElizabeth MewburnspLicence granted by Rev Mr Richard Brown of Stokesley surrogateboth of this parish
19 Sep 1759John SmithTaylorMary StocktonspLicence granted by Rev Mr Richard Brown of Stokesley surrogateboth of this parish
19 May 1760James PreacherMarinerElizabeth StuartspPublicationboth of this parish
16 Jul 1760John NeesomeFarmerMary PearsonspLicence granted by Mr W Hide of Guisboroughshe of Ormesby parish
4 Aug 1760Robert WrightSoldier parish of St. Andrews NewcastleChristiana HammondspPublicationshe of this parish
17 Feb 1761George NattressMarinerAnn StuartspPublicationboth of this parish
26 Mar 1761Leonard HarkerHusbandman of LythElizabeth ShawWidLicence granted by Mr W Hide of Guisboroughshe of this parish
30 Nov 1761George WilsonServant of WiltonMary SilliburnWidPublicationshe of this parish
1 Dec 1761John GrumblesServantAnn DunnspPublicationboth of this parish
23 Nov 1762George WhiteServant of OrmesbyTomlison MannspPublication
14 May 1763Paul AveryServant of BillinghamMary HalesspPublication
14 May 1763William Mewburnof EstonWidJoanna ConsettspLicence granted by Mr W Hide of Guisboroughshe of Normanby
23 May 1763Alexander KennitWidMary NewtonspPublicationboth of this parish
23 May 1763Gilbert AtkinsonServantAnn ArmstrongWidPublicationboth of this parish
30 May 1763William SummersMarinerCatherine WalkerspPublicationboth of this parish
22 Sep 1763John ClayBachelor of MartonAnn CoulsonspPublicationshe of this parish
12 Jan 1764Robert WorthyLabourerElizabeth CoulsonspPublicationboth of this parish
6 Mar 1764Abraham OatsServantHesther hutchensonspboth of this parish
16 Apr 1764Thomas WhitegardinerSarah MerringtonWidPublicationboth of this parish
16 Apr 1764George HartServantMary CoulsonspPublication
21 Nov 1764Thomas RobinsonYeoman of SkeltonJane StewartspLicence by John Hopkinson of Yarm surrogateshe of this parish
11 Dec 1764Robert HullLabourerRachel FewlerspPublication
17 Aug 1765Robert JacksonYeomanElizabeth GarstinspLicence granted by Mr W Hide of Guisboroughboth of this parish
26 Nov 1765George MillerServant of BrottonHannah SmithspPublicationshe of this parish
4 Dec 1765George StephensonServantAnn RoutlessspPublicationboth of this parish
1 Jan 1766William FewlerMarinerMary EldonspPublicationboth of this parish
5 Jun 1766William CalvertLabourerElizabeth BulmerspPublication
18 Aug 1766Francis SmithLabourerJane NicholsonspPublicationboth of this parish
4 Dec 1766John AppletonCarpenterElenor WhiteheadspPublicationboth of this parish
11 Mar 1767John LofthouseSailorMary WhitespPublicationboth of this parish
18 May 1767John PearsonFarmer of Ormesby parishMartha StonehousespPublicationshe of Normanby in chapelry of Eston
4 Jun 1767Thomas WhiteheadFarmerElenor GantspPublicationboth of this parish
5 Jun 1768William MeddTaylorMary knotWidLicence granted by James Graves of Stokesley surrogateboth of this parish
12 Sep 1768William TateServantMary LeespPublicationboth of this parish
18 Sep 1768John ArnotLabourerElizabeth TaylorWidLicence by John Hopkinson of Yarm surrogateboth of this parish
6 Apr 1769George BrownShoemakerMary FawcettspPublicationboth of this parish
16 Mar 1770Robert HolmesMarinerAnn TaylorWidPublicationboth of this parish
13 May 1770William JordisonServantAnn DixonspLicence by John Hopkinson of Yarm surrogateboth of this parish
22 May 1770William SeamourServantMary DowsonspPublication
7 Aug 1770Thomas AppletonServantCatherine SmithspPublicationboth of this parish
13 Nov 1770George KirtleyServantJane LinsleyspLicence granted by Mr Wm Williamson of Guisborough surrogateboth of this parish shotgun wedding?
5 Dec 1770William SnowdonFarmer of EstonJane PearsonspLicence granted by Mr Wm Williamson of Guisborough surrogateshe of Ormesby
7 May 1771John ProudServantMary LofthousespPublicationboth of this parish
30 Nov 1772Roger HandysidesLabourer of Kirby-MispretonJane ElletBannsshe of this parish
1 Dec 1772Robert SmithTaylorAnn CollingspPublicationboth of this parish
1 Dec 1772Stephen CharltonLabourerJane SmithspPublicationboth of this parish
12 Feb 1773Thomas AtkinsonShoemakerAnn WorthyspPublicationboth of this parish
24 May 1774Alexander BellLabourerAnne OadespPublicationboth of this parish
24 Jul 1774John AtkinsonServantJane GrangespPublication
4 Sep 1774John BrownServantSarah AllenspPublicationboth of this parish
14 Feb 1775John RobinsonFarmerAnn BulmerspPublicationboth of this parish
20 Nov 1775Anthony BrownLabourerHannah VartyspPublicationboth of this parish
23 Nov 1775Isaac NickolsonServantAnn BucktonspPublicationboth of this parish
3 Dec 1775William BrownMariner of StocktonElizabeth AppletonspLicence granted by Mr Wm Williamson of Guisbrough surrogateshe of this parish
23 Jan 1776William HebronServantElizabeth WhitespPublicationboth of this parish
3 May 1777Duncan WrightGent of MorpethDorothy TaylorspLicence granted by Mr Wm Williamson of Guisborough surrogateshe of this parish
13 May 1777John NeesomeFarmerMargaret AppletonspLicence granted by Rev Henry Taylerson of Stokesley surrogate
21 May 1777James WilsonServant of KirklethamJane AtkinsonspPublicationshe of this parish
25 Nov 1777James AppletonButcher23Margaret Bateysp18Bannsboth of this parish
2 Dec 1777John FosterServant27Ann Meadsp23Bannsboth of this parish
16 Dec 1777Anthony StannerServant26Mary Appletonsp28Banns
27 Jan 1778Christopher ArmstrongBlacksmith60Ann Atkinsonsp45Bannsboth of this parish
14 May 1778William MooreServant of KirklethamElizabeth SmithspPublicationshe of this parish
12 Nov 1778Edward TrenholmSchoolmaster of BillinghamHannah RobinsonspPublicationshe of this parish
30 Nov 1778Robert SowerbyServantEllen WilsonspPublicationboth of this parish
2 Dec 1778Thomas HartCarpenterMary BulmerspPublicationboth of this parish
25 Dec 1778Joshua EllisStone Cutter of WiltonAnn JacksonspPublicationshe of this parish
1 Feb 1779Henry JoplinLabourerHannah HedtheringtonspPublicationboth of this parish
11 Apr 1779Thomas MintoftTaylor of parish of WhitbyElizabeth KnaggsspLicence granted by Rev Mr Hawkwellshe of this parish
5 May 1779Clemmet RobinsonFarmerAlice ArmstrongspLicence granted by Rev Mr Wm L Williamsonboth of this parish
11 May 1779Robert FosterServantJane AtkinsonspPublicationboth of this parish
30 Jun 1779William RossMarinerMary PearsonspLicence granted by Rev Mr Henry Taylerson of Stokesley Surrogateboth of this parish
6 Jul 1779William PinkneyCarpenterAnn PearsonspBannsboth of this parish
19 Sep 1779George MetcalfButcher of this parishTamor PoolyspLicence granted by Rev Mr Hopkinson of Yarm surrogateshe of Stenton
23 Nov 1779Joseph BricktonServantJane DawsonspPublicationboth of this parish
7 Dec 1779John BensonServantHannah FosterspPublicationboth of this parish
16 Dec 1779Thomas JohnsonYeoman of Guisborough parishElizabeth YoungLicence granted by Rev Mr Williamson of Guisborough Surrogateshe of Eston chapelry
18 May 1780John BattyServantJane YoungspPublicationboth of this parish
6 Feb 1781Mathew Wrightof KirkleathambaElizabeth AtkinsonspBannsshe of this parish
7 Feb 1781Norman HowcroftElizabeth YoungBannsboth of this parish
20 Feb 1781John Campionof GuisboroughbaSarah HuttonspBannsshe of this parish
16 May 1781George BrownWidElizabeth EnglishspBannsboth of this parish
2 Dec 1782Thomas SmithbaHannah DicksonspBannsboth of this parish
20 May 1783Robert MeddMarinerDinah CarrickspLicence granted by Rev I Robertson surrogateshe of this parish
5 Jun 1783Mathew ArmstrongHusbandman of OrmesbyElizabeth JacksonWidin this chapel by Licence granted by Rev Mr Williamson surrogateshe of this parish
4 Aug 1783William Harrisonof AytonbaAnn Sweetingspin this chapel by Licence granted by Rev Mr Williamson surrogateshe of this parish
16 Sep 1783John AmerbaAlice SuggitspBannsboth of this parish
27 Jan 1783Robert Harrisonof StaintonbaAnn Sunlaysp19were by and with the consent of those whose consent is required by law in that behalf, by Licence granted by Rev Mr Hopkinson surrogateshe of this parish
1 Dec 1784James HallbaHannah WrightspBanns
3 Feb 1785Thomas ChismanbaElizabeth KirtonspBannsboth of this parish
3 Mar 1785Thomas DonghesbaMary JamesspBannsboth of this parish
25 Nov 1785Robert Brekenfieldof HinderwellbaHannah ShepherdspBannsshe of this parish
22 Dec 1785Thomas WorthybaMargaret LakespBannsboth of this parish
31 Jan 1786Michael BrownbaMargaret RichardsonspBannsboth of this parish
19 Jun 1786Thomas JacksonbaAnn AtkinsonWidBannsboth of this parish
6 Feb 1787John CuthbertsonMiller of BrottonRebecca Wrightsonspin this chapel by Licenceshe of this parish
23 Sep 1787John GuybaRachel MilbournespBannsboth of this parish
8 Nov 1787Thomas Waughof KirbybaElizabeth CornforthspMarried in the chapel by Licence granted by Rev H Taylerson surrogateshe of this parish
29 Nov 1787Thomas Neashamof StokesleybaAlice Youngspmarried in the chapel by Licenceshe of this parish
12 Feb 1788John KearsleybaAnn MetcalfspBannsboth of this parish
30 Dec 1788Francis WrightsonbaMary HindsonspBannsboth of this parish
30 Dec 17880 00 0End of register
24 Nov 1789Thomas WrightbaElizabeth RamerspBannsboth of this parish
13 May 1790Robert UzzinsbaElizabeth HallspBannsboth of this parish
19 Jul 1790Lancelot BrownbaElizabeth CatterickspBannsboth of this parish
17910 0000 000No marriages.
22 Mar 1792Robert CharltonbaMary HartspBannsboth of this parish
17 May 1792Joseph Ridleyof StaintonElizabeth FewsterBannsshe of this parish
11 Jul 1792William ReadmanbaElizabeth AppletonspBannsboth of this parish
22 Jul 1792Leonard Knaggsof KirkleathambaMary CornforthspLicenceshe of this parish
30 Aug 1792Gilbert AtkinsonWidMary BulmerWidBannsboth of this parish
12 May 1793George SigsworthbaElizabeth ElderspBannsboth of this parish
13 May 1793Thomas Hugilof StaintonbaMargaret SunlayspLicenceboth of this parish
27 May 1793Thomas Coverdaleof KirkbybaHannah AppletonspBannsshe of this parish
21 Dec 1793Ralph JacksonbaElizabeth RichardsonspLicenceboth of this parish
2 Jan 1794William Harbornof MarskbaElizabeth SunlayspLicence in this chapelshe of this parish
17 Jan 1794Christopher JordisonbaAnn SmithspBannsboth of this parish
8 Feb 1794Thomas ButterwickbaElizabeth ChapmanspBannsboth of this parish
6 Sep 1794John BulmerWidElizabeth WilkinsonspBannsboth of this parish
2 Dec 1794George ThompsonbaEsther JacksonspBanns
10 Feb 1795Thomas Grahamof WiltonbaEsther AtkinsonspBannsshe of this parish
28 Oct 1795Francis Youngof WiltonbaJane AppletonspLicenceshe of this parish
24 Nov 1795George WrightbaElizabeth SmithspBannsboth of this parish
23 Aug 1796James BeanWidElizabeth AtkinsonspLicenceboth of this parish
16 Oct 1797Thomas Robinsonof LofthouseJane LaverickspBannsshe of this parish
16 Nov 1797William RobinsonbaTamar MetcalfWidLicenceboth of this parish
19 Dec 1797William Hugillof StaintonJane Sunlaysplicenceshe of this parish
1 Jan 1798James ScotbaMary FewlerspBannsboth of this parish
21 May 1798Stephen WrightsonbaAnn ArmstrongspBannsboth of this parish
13 Sep 1798George SnowdonbaJane EdmondsspBannsboth of this parish
2 May 1799George Jackson Carrickof WiltonElizabeth HammondspLicenceshe of this parish
2 Aug 1799Edward BankeWidClarey MackyspLicenceboth of this parish
5 Jun 1800Thomas Watsonof Sockburn DurhambaHannah RichardsonspLicenceshe of this parish
4 Jul 1801Henry Atkinsonof HacknessAnn WalkerspBannsshe of this parish
13 Jul 1801Thomas Daleof GuisboroughbaMary AppletonspLicenceshe of this parish
12 Nov 1801James Wrightsonof this parishElizabeth AllonspLicenceshe of Whitby
28 Dec 1801Thomas Burnettof HusthwaiteElenor AppletonspLicenceshe of this parish
3 Jun 1802Ralph Pottsof MarskbaMary MetcalfspLicenceshe of this parish
29 Sep 1802William Hagueof RotherambaMary JacksonspBannsshe of this parish
25 Nov 1802Thomas Smithof this parishbaElizabeth CoverdalespBannsshe of Stokesley
25 Nov 1802John WilstropbaCatherine HolmesspBannsboth of this parish
18030 0000 000No marriages.
16 Oct 1804William GrahambaHannah KearsleyspBannsboth of this parish
14 Feb 1805Mathew Brookbankof SkeltonbaMary DixonspBannsshe of this parish
19 Mar 1805John NeashambaAnn JacksonspLicenceboth of this parish
21 Oct 1806Peter WhiteheadbaMary GarbuttspBannsboth of this parish
23 Feb 1807Francis Barnetof HiltonbaElenor LackenbyspBannsshe of Guisborough
24 Feb 1807Thomas Lackenbyof GuisboroughbaJane Worthyspshe of this parish
13 May 1807George Harrisonof OrmesbybaMary TweddlespBannsshe of this parish
17 Nov 1807Richard TarrySeamanAnn RichardsonspBannsboth of this parish
28 Nov 1808Robert FosterbaElizabeth SmallwoodspBannsboth of this parish
30 Jan 1808Wilson Hopperof this parishbaMary KnaggsspLicenceshe of Guisborough
16 May 1808Thomas DalebaElenor AppletonspLicenceboth of this parish
17 May 1808John Stephen SnowdonbaElizabeth DalespLicenceboth of this parish
17 May 1808Marmaduke WhiteheadbaAley RobinsonspBannsboth of this parish
10 May 1809John WhiteheadbaAnn HarlingspBannsboth of this parish
14 May 1809Christopher Parkinsonof Long NewtonbaMargaret RobinsonspBannsshe of this parish
13 Nov 1809Anthony Walkerof StaintonbaMartha WoodleyspLicenceshe of this parish
8 Jun 1810John Pearsonof GainforthbaElizabeth WheatleyspBannsshe of this parish
14 Oct 1810Thomas AppletonbaElizabeth MewburnspLicenceboth of this parish
1 Jun 1811John MonroWidAnn RainespBannsboth of this parish
20 Jun 1811William DalebaJane HartspBannsboth of this parish
30 Mar 1812John Burrowsof MarskbaSarah RobinsonspBannsshe of this parish
18130 00 0The following entries are taken from Marriage index
12 May 1813Thomas Archiboldof KyloeAnn Bree Caris
13 Jun 1813Thomas Davidsonof SesseyMary Turnbull
21 Oct 1813William Meadof WhitbyElizabeth Caris
23 Nov 1813John BoultonEleanor Hansill
14 May 1814William BlenkinsopAnn BailsBailes
27 Apr 1815John RobinsonMargaret Hammond
1 Aug 1815Christopher Hornerof Watlas near BedaleJane Patton
7 Aug 1815Thomas Cookof SkeltonAnn Wilkinson
8 Apr 1816William CharltonElizabeth Bulmer
8 Apr 1816Smith Maughamof GuisboroughMary Atkinson
18 Jun 1816Joseph Carterof MarskeCatherine Robinson
29 Jun 1816Joseph CharltonMary Butterwick
11 Aug 1816Lister RichardsonMary Hall
12 Oct 1816William CowlingElizabeth Robinson
10 Nov 1816William ShakeshaftElizabeth Turnbull
25 Nov 1816J RickabyAnn Galloway
15 May 1817John Noddingsof StaintonElizabeth MachiaMachia?
15 May 1817William Dobisonof MiddlesbroughIsabella BarkerDobi(n)son
19 May 1817Robert WilkinsonFrances Christopherof Finchley
5 Jul 1817George ThwaitesMary Galesof Ormesby
15 Jan 1818William Kearsleyof WhitbyAnn Appleton
23 Mar 1818Thomas LengElizabeth Gowland
29 Apr 1818Robert BarronJane Glendiningof Brotton
7 Jan 1819Robert RichardsonMary Maugham
19 Jun 1819John Farraof Castle EdenAnn Ayre
19 Jun 1819John Meaburnof Elwick HallMary Ridley
25 Nov 1819Anthony Bailesof MarskAnn Sanderson
16 Dec 1819James ScalesAnn Dale
25 May 1820Jonathan CarrAnn MattisonMattinson
14 Nov 1820William HodgesonElizabeth Lister
14 Nov 1820John Bakerof PickeringMargaret Lister
27 Nov 1820Scarth BoysMary Norman
26 Dec 1820John Middletonof SkeltonIsobella Turnbull
30 Apr 1821William PooleAnn Potts
31 May 1821Richard Scarthof GuisboroughAnn Jackson
17 Jan 1821Richard EmmersonJane Thompsonof Acklam
18220 0000 000The Nave was completely rebuilt.
5 Mar 1823James Clarkof SkeltonElizabeth Simpson
28 Apr 1823Benj TaylorElizabeth ChismanPew list he is on the North Side which is Eston. Headstone opposite church door.
17 May 1823John Battyof OrmesbyDorothy Bean
20 May 1823Thomas Lackenbyof WiltonJane Bell
18240 0000 0No Marriages. 2 at St. Cuthberts Church Ormesby, comment in register Eston Church rebuilding at this time.
17 May 1825Thomas RainElizabeth Codlingof Ayton
13 May 1826James ReadmanSusanna Fletcher
1 Jun 1826James BeanCecilia Charlton
6 Apr 1827John Bainbridgeof SeamerElizabeth MaffingMaffing?
19 May 1827John KnaggsHannah Flemming
27 May 1827James Richardsonof AycliffeMargaret Wilson
22 Dec 1827William McCreeof Bishop WearmouthElizabeth Bean
14 Jun 1828Thomas Borrowof GuisboroughAnn Hall
10 Aug 1828Robert CoverdaleHannah Norman
22 Dec 1828Thomas Cassof BillinghamElizabeth Hugill
8 Jan 1829John HammondHannah Charlton
20 Jun 1829John ScottHannah Hall
1 Nov 1829Robert RichardsonMary Coverdale
17 May 1830John SunleyMary Mellonby
26 Sep 1830Charles Hutchinsonof StocktonAnn Atkinson
3 Sep 1831Robert HarkerJane AllenAllan
28 Nov 1831George HartSarah Norman
19 Dec 1831Consitt DrydenAnn StonehousePew list he is on the North Side which is Eston
29 Dec 1831Lister RichardsonHannah RayRaine
14 May 1832Robert GibsonElizabeth Smith
2 Aug 1832John ClarkesonIssabella Atkinson
8 Jan 1833Ralph Marshallof WiltonAnn Ridley
13 May 1834Richard BarrElizabeth Howcroft
22 Nov 1834Robert Newtonof StokesleyJane Howcroft
3 Mar 1835John DaleMary Lister
16 Jun 1835Joseph Bigginsof WiltonMargaret Neasham
6 Feb 1837William LaverickwidRebecca Walker
1 Jul 18370 00 0The start of Civil Registers


  The information in these lists was extracted from the original Saint Helen’s Church (Eston) Parish Register documents.
  The originals & copyright of these register documents are held by Teesside Archives, Middlesbrough.

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