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Eston Grammar School 1963 - Photo C - Prefects

Eston Grammar School 1963 Yearbook Photo C
This photograph from EGS 1963 Year Book © 2018 Normanby LHG (copyright holder of original not found)

Headmaster: Mr. A.F. Kilner
Names of known pupils & teaching staff (left to right) -
Back (2nd) Row:
1.Lesley Talling   2.Alan Prest   3.Michael Ward   4.Peter Foster   5.Reg Maude   6.Ray Brearley
7.Charlie Hannah   8.Bob Sleight?   9.Mike Fossitt   10.Alan Smaling   11.Lizzie Petty
Front (1st) Row:
1.Barry Jones   2.Diane Robinson   3.Peter Johnson (Head Boy)   4.Miss Pearson (Senior Mistress)
5.Mr. A.F.Kilner (Headmaster)   6.Mr Mace (Senior Master)   7. ---???---  
8.Dave Brearley (Deputy Head Boy)   9.Sandra Stephenson

14 Feb 2018 - Lesley Pattinson provided 13 new names:-
(B-1 Lesley Talling, B-4 Peter Foster, B-6 Ray Brearley,
B-7 Charlie Hannah, B-8 Bob Sleight?, B-10 Alan Smaling, B-11 Lizzie Petty,
F-2 Diane Robinson, F-3 Peter Jackson, F-4 Miss Pearson, F-6 George Mace, F-8 Dave Brearley, F-9 Sandra Stephenson)
12 Aug 2018 - David Brearley (F-8 above) identified F-4 as Peter Johnson not Jackson & provided 5 new names:-
(B-2 Alan Prest, B-3 Michael Ward, B-5 Reg Maude, B-9 Mike Fossitt , F-1 Barry Jones)
08 Sep 2018 - Dave Brearley (F-8 above & M-5 Photo D & B-2 Photo 3) said:-
"The photo is correctly entitled as ’Prefects’, identified by their Prefects’ ties.
I still have my tie!! as well as the school tie and the jacket badge.
The motto of ’Sapere Aude’ means ’Dare to be Wise’.
We had our own Prefects’ Room. Non-prefects were not permitted to enter!"
19 Sep 2018 - Dave Brearley (F-8 above & M-5 Photo D & B-2 Photo 3) said:-
"F-7 next to Mr Mace is not Judith Coyle. Judith Coyle is not in this photo (but is F-7 in Photo D Upper 6th Form).
I do not know the name of pupil F-7 who joined the 6th Form midway through the year."
[WebMaster: my edit error - I noticed that F-7 is the same person as F-6 in Photo D Upper 6th Form
& copied the wrong name to both captions! I must have been tired!]

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