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Eston Grammar School 1963 - Photo I - 5th Form 5F

Eston Grammar School 1963 Yearbook Photo I
This photograph from EGS 1963 Year Book © 2018 Normanby LHG (copyright holder of original not found)

Teacher: Mr Wood
Names of known pupils (left to right) -
Back (3rd) Row:
1.Ian Johnson   2.Raymond Weightman   3.David Bennett   4.George Sands   5.Martin Graham
6.Freddie Milburn   7.Peter Musicka   8.William ’Billy’ Myers   9.Stephen Ward   10.Derek Agar
Middle (2nd) Row:
1.Kathleen Easby ?   2.Bryan Jones   3.Andrew Scott   4.John Richards   5.John Naisbitt
6.Barry Swift   7.Peter Freeman   8.Irene Farrar
Front (1st) Row:
1.Joyce Grey   2.Valerie Henderson (not Hutchinson)   3.---???---   4.Jennifer Lupton   5.Mr Wood (teacher)
6.Cynthia Larum?   7.Marilyn Whiteside   8.Pauline Holvenhill   9.Mary Bainbridge

19 Feb 2018 - John Richards (4th in middle row) provided 10 new names:-
(B-1 Ian Johnson, B-2 Lindsay Hart?, B-3 David Bennett, B-5 Martin Graham,
B-6 Freddie Milburn, B-8 Ronnie Emerson, B-9 Baryy Lillystone?,
M-2 Bryan Jones, M-4 John Richards, M-8 Irene Farrar)
John said:-
"I cannot name the girls though Valerie Hutchinson, Pauline Holvanhill and Marilyn Whiteside are in there somewhere."
17 Jun 2018 - Ron Emmerson provided 3 new names and corrected one. He said:-
" I attended Eston Grammer School until 1961 so I am not in this photo (B-8).
B-4 may be George Sands, B-9 is Stephen Ward (not Barry Lillystone), B-10 may be Derek Agar."
  2 Sep 2018 - Jennifer Metherell nee Lupton (F-4 above & B-3 Photo X) provided 4 new names & 2 part names:-
(F-1 Joyce Grey, F-2 Valerie Hutchinson, F-4 Jennifer Lupton, F-6 Cynthia ???, F-7 Marilyn Whiteside, F-9 Mary? ???)
16 Feb 2019 - John Naisbitt (M-5) provided 2 names - M-5 himself and M-6 Barry Swift - and said:-
"We were both from the previous year’s (1962) 5 alpha but returned to the 5th form to achieve improved GCE Ordinary
level results, which we did, and proceeded to our chosen careers: myself as an engineer officer in the Merchant Navy
after studying at South Shields Marine College; and Barry as a mental nurse at St. Lukes on Marton Road.
Incidentally I also sang in the choir at Christ Church Eston with Keith Allison."
  5 Mar 2019 - Ian Ford (M-4 Photo H) provided 5 new names:-
(B-7 Peter Musicka, M-1 Kathleen Easby?, F-2 Valerie Henderson (not Hutchinson), F-6 Cynthia Larum?, F-8 Pauline Holvenhill)
Ian confirmed 4 names:- (B-4 George Sands, B-10 Derek Agar, M-8 Irene Farrar, F-1 Joyce Grey)
10 Jun 2019 - John Naisbitt (M-5) said:-
" I think that B-2 is Ray Weightman, we both attended South Shields Marine College together
travelling home each weekend, he on his Triumph Tiger Cub, and me on my 1957 Royal Enfield 150cc."
26 Jun 2019 - Andrew Scott (M-3) provided 4 new names & confirmed* 2 names:-
(B-2* Raymond Weightman, B-8 William Myers, B-9* Stephen Ward,
M-3 Andrew Scott (me!), M-7 Peter Freeman, F-9 Mary Bainbridge)
27 Jun 2019 - Bill Myers (B-8) said:-
"B-8 is Not Ronnie Emmerson but me - Billy Myers."

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