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Eston Grammar School 1963 - Photo I - 5th Form 5F

Eston Grammar School 1963 Yearbook Photo I
This photograph from EGS 1963 Year Book © 2018 Normanby LHG (copyright holder of original not found)

Teacher: Mr Wood
Names of known pupils (left to right) -
Back (3rd) Row:
1.Ian Johnson   2.Lindsay Hart?   3.David Bennett   4.George Sands   5.Martin Graham
6.Freddie Milburn   7.Peter Musicka   8.NOT Ronnie Emmerson   9.Barry Lillystone? or Stephen Ward ?   10.Derek Agar
Middle (2nd) Row:
1.Kathleen Easby ?   2.Bryan Jones   3.---???---   4.John Richards   5.John Naisbitt
6.Barry Swift   7.---???---   8.Irene Farrar
Front (1st) Row:
1.Joyce Grey   2.Valerie Henderson (not Hutchinson)   3.---???---   4.Jennifer Lupton   5.Mr Wood (teacher)
6.Cynthia Larum?   7.Marilyn Whiteside   8.Pauline Holvenhill   9.Mary? ???

19 Feb 2018 - John Richards (4th in middle row) provided 10 new names:-
(B-1 Ian Johnson, B-2 Lindsay Hart?, B-3 David Bennett, B-5 Martin Graham,
B-6 Freddie Milburn, B-8 Ronnie Emerson, B-9 Baryy Lillystone?,
M-2 Bryan Jones, M-4 John Richards, M-8 Irene Farrar)
John said:-
"I cannot name the girls though Valerie Hutchinson, Pauline Holvanhill and Marilyn Whiteside are in there somewhere."
17 Jun 2018 - Ron Emmerson provided 3 new names and corrected one. He said:-
" I attended Eston Grammer School until 1961 so I am not in this photo (B-8).
B-4 may be George Sands, B-9 is Stephen Ward (not Barry Lillystone), B-10 may be Derek Agar."
02 Sep 2018 - Jennifer Metherell nee Lupton (F-4 above & B-3 Photo X) provided 4 new names & 2 part names:-
(F-1 Joyce Grey, F-2 Valerie Hutchinson, F-4 Jennifer Lupton, F-6 Cynthia ???, F-7 Marilyn Whiteside, F-9 Mary? ???)
16 Feb 2019 - John Naisbitt (M-5) provided 2 names - M-5 himself and M-6 Barry Swift - and said:-
"We were both from the previous year’s (1962) 5 alpha but returned to the 5th form to achieve improved GCE Ordinary
level results, which we did, and proceeded to our chosen careers: myself as an engineer officer in the Merchant Navy
after studying at South Shields Marine College; and Barry as a mental nurse at St. Lukes on Marton Road.
Incidentally I also sang in the choir at Christ Church Eston with Keith Allison."
5 Mar 2019 - Ian Ford (M-4 Photo H) provided 5 new names:-
(B-7 Peter Musicka, M-1 Kathleen Easby?, F-2 Valerie Henderson (not Hutchinson), F-6 Cynthia Larum?, F-8 Pauline Holvenhill)
Ian confirmed 4 names:- (B-4 George Sands, B-10 Derek Agar, M-8 Irene Farrar, F-1 Joyce Grey)

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