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Eston Grammar School 1963 - Photo P - Class 4

Eston Grammar School 1963 Yearbook Photo P
This photograph from EGS 1963 Year Book © 2018 Normanby LHG (copyright holder of original not found)

Teacher: Mrs Nora Allison (English)
Names of known pupils (left to right) -
Back (3rd) Row:
1.Ian McClean   2.John Taylor   3.Robert Sugden   4.Ian Clarke   5.Barbara Beadle   6.Ann Tabner
7.Kathleen Taylor   8.David Barthram   9.Malcolm Plunkett   10.Julian Dye   11.Nigel Taylor   12.Clive Gregory
Middle (2nd) Row:
1.Peter Sigsworth (’Siggy’)   2.Stewart Jackson   3.Charlie Kennedy   4.Ian Walker
5.John Harland (NOT Alan Harlow?)   6.Stuart Laver   7.John Farries (NOT John Mainwaring-Taylor?)
8.Graham Alder   9.John Berry (not Brentnall)   10.Stuart Brown
Front (1st) Row:
1.Yvonne Thurling   2.Melva Cook   3.Ruth Lawrence   4.---???---   5.Janet Finlay   6.Mrs Norah Allison (English teacher)
7.Judith Davies   8.Pamela Brown   9.Carol Watson,   10.Elizabeth Middleditch   11.Linda Motson

18 Mar 2018 - Alan Pengilley (M-1 Photo U) provided 1 new name B-8 David Barthram.
17 Aug 2018 - Lionel Preston (M-6 Photo O) provided 3 names (M-2 Stewart Jackson, M-5 Alan Harlow, M-10 Julian Dye)
Lionel said:-
"2nd in middle row is Stewart Jackson who was my best man.
I think 5th in middle row is Alan Harlow - it was something like that as we called him Harlow
Not sure if 10th in rear row is Julian Dye
(I had identified him in my class in Photo O but I’m not sure. Although I am sure that he is one of them)."
30 Aug 2018 - Keith Thompson (B-3 Photo N) confirmed B-10 as Julian Dye, M-5 was John Harland not Alan Harlow &
provided 14 new names:-
(B-1 Ian McClean?, B-2 John Taylor, B-3 David Sugden, B-4 Ian Clarke, B-9 Malcolm Plunkett,
B-11 Nigel Taylor, B-12 Clive Gregory,
M-1 Peter Sigsworth, M-3 Charlie Kennedy, M-6 Stuart Laver, M-7 John Mainwaring-Taylor, M-10 Stuart Brown,
F-3 Ruth Lawrence, F-10 Elizabeth Middleditch)
30 Aug 2018 - Stewart Jackson (M-2 above) confirmed 14 names, amended 2 names & provided 4 new names:-
(M-4 Ian Walker, M-5 John Harland (NOT Alan Harlow), M-7 John Farries (NOT John Mainwaring-Taylor),
M-8 Graham Alder M-9 John Brentnall, F-7 Judith Davies)
  1 Sep 2018 - Linda Helman (nee Motson F-11 above):-
- confirmed 12 names (B-2, B-8, B-10, B-11, M-2, M-4, M-5, M-6, M-7, M-8, F-3, F-7c, F-10)
- amended 3 names - B-3 Robert (not David) Sugden, M-1 Robert (not Peter) Sigsworth, M-9 John Berry (not Brentnall)
- provided 9 new names:-
(B-5 Barbara ???, B-6 Ann Tabner, B-7 Kathleen Taylor,
F-1 Yvonne Thurling, F-2 Melva Cook, F-5 Janet Finlay, F-8 Pamela Brown, F-9 Carol Watson, F-11 Linda Motson)
Linda said:-
"I believe B-1 or B-4 on the back row is Ian Maclean but I cannot remember which one!.
I would love to know what happened to all my classmates in adult life.
It would be lovely if they saw your website and updated us."
19 Sep 2018 - Keith Thompson (B-3 Photo N) confirmed:-
(B-1 Ian McClean, M-1 Peter Sigsworth, M-7 John Farries, M-9 John Berry)
Keith said:-
"Peter Sigsworth (M-1) & I lived in West St in houses now knocked down before his
family moved to Normanby Rd, Ormesby.
His parents Harold & Margaret (nee Hogg) were both school teachers.
Peter had two older brothers - John who became a Vicar & Richard - as well as an older sister Ann.
Ian Clark (M-4) passed away some three years ago.
John Brentnall came from Eston Grange School after doing his O levels there & entered the Lower Sixth.
Originally from Newtown John had an elder sister Ann & a younger brother Keith.
John lived in Grosmont prior to his demise some ten years ago.
Mrs Allinson (F-6) taught English."
24 Nov 2018 - Kathleen Taylor (F-7 above) said:-
"The surname of Barbara (B-5) is Beadle. She was my best friend from infants school."
[Webmaster: was that Normanby? No - see below from Anne Martinez !]
31 May 2019 - Eileen Cowen said:-
"B-3 is Robert Sugden - he emailed me after the info was passed to him! And M-1 is Peter Sigsworth ’Siggy’ "
22 Jul 2019 - Anne Martinez nee Massey (M-10 Photo O) confirmed the 2 names that Eileen above identified and said:-

"By the way Kathleen Taylor (F-7) did not go to Normanby school.
In that year (1960) only 6 pupils from Normanby School passed the 11 Plus Examination:-
Keith Longstaff, Anne Massey (M-10 Photo O), Peter Macfarlane (M-5 Photo O),
Elizabeth Middleditch (F-10), Peter Sigsworth (M-1) & Carol Watson (F-9).
The majority of the rest came from Grangetown and Southbank. Kathleen I am almost certain was from Grangetown."

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