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Normanby County School - 1952 Class ?A?

Normanby School Photo Class -
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This photograph from Brenda Wheatley (nee Marshall) Teacher: ---???--- (not present)
Names of known pupils (left to right) -
Back (4th) Row:
1.---???---   2.---???---   3.Janet Lee (now Jarvis)   4.Kay Lee   5.Kathleen Allenden   6.Judith Bray
7.---???---   8.Beryl Mazzetti   9.Marjorie Brace   10.---???---   11.---???---   12.Cecil Clark
Middle (3rd) Row:
1.---???---   2.---???---   3.John Devoile   4.Pat Duncan   5.Barbara Sivills   6.---???---
7.---???---   8.---???---   9.---???---   10.---???---   11.---???---
Middle (2nd) Row:
1.---???---   2.Wendy Towers   3.---???---   4.??? Sissons   5.Joan Clark   6.Brenda Marshall (now Wheatley)
7.Margaret Turnbull   8.Joyce Bryan (now Harwood)   9.Pat Watson   10.---???---   11.---???---
12.---???---   13.Norma Pearson   14.Ann Taylor
Front (1st) Row:
1.??? Sissons   2.---???---   3.??? Sherwood   4.Marion Epron   5.---???---   6.---???---
7.---???---   8.John Crosby   9.---???---   10.Stanley Housam

22 March 2019 Brenda Wheatley (nee Marshall) (M2nd-6 above) provided the photo and 24 names and said:-
"I was born in 1943 at 14 West Street, Normanby where we lived for many years.
It was a very close to the school so I was able to walk home for lunch each day.
I now live in Boston Spa, West Yorkshire but we still manage to get to most of the group meetings."

*** Do you recognise anyone in the photograph whose name given above is missing or incomplete or wrong? ***
*** What memories do you have of this Class? ***
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Copyright © 2016 Normanby Local History Group