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Normanby County School - 1954 Class ?A?

Normanby School Photo Class -
Copyright © 2016 Normanby Local History Group (original owner unknown)

This photograph from Normanby Local History Group Archives donated by Sylvia Fairbrass (nee Laverick) Teacher: ---???--- (not present)
Names of known pupils (left to right) -
Back(3rd) Row:
1.??? Foster   2.Martin ???   3.Barry Graham   4.John Towers   5.Clive Blick   6.Alan Wright
7.Norman Foster   8.Raymond Mackey   9.Billy Ross   10.Norman Tucker   11.Alan ???   12.Adrian Pain   13.Billy Bateman
Middle (2nd) Row:
1.Peter Mason   2.---???---   3.Valerie or Catherine Leyton   4.---???---   5.Christine Kennedy   6.Caroline Florence
7.Maureen ???   8.Ian Stuart   9.Elizabeth Bailey
Front (1st) Row:
1.---???---   2.---???---   3.Pamela Gutteridge   4.Christine Garbutt   5.Sylvia Laverick (now Fairbrass)   6.Mavis Hodgson
7.Sheila ???   8.Barbara Lilley   9.Norman Hodgson   10.---???---   11.Pauline Thomas (now Allday)   12.??? Wilson
13.Valerie ???   14.Linda Bell   15.---???---

Does anyone know which pupil is Margaret Haymonds and also Margaret Harrison?

24 March 2019 update from Pauline Allday (nee Thomas) (F-11) provided 4 names/corrections:
M-3 Catherine Leyton (I think), M-6 Caroline Florence, B-7 Norman Foster and F-11 is me Pauline Thomas not Osbourn.
9 April 2019 update from Sylvia Fairbrass (nee Laverick) (F-5):
"I donated the photograph and provided the original names - I am in the front row 5th from left."

*** Do you recognise anyone in the photograph whose name given above is missing or incomplete or wrong? ***
*** What memories do you have of this Class? ***
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Copyright © 2016 Normanby Local History Group