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Normanby Primary School 1949 Class ??

Normanby School Photo Class - 1949-class
This photograph from Eric Barker

Teacher: Miss Brayshaw
Names of known pupils (left to right) -
Back (4th) Row:
1.Steve Prest   2.John Farrow?   3.Eric Towler   4.Neil Simms   5.-?? Whittams
Middle (3rd) Row:
1.-?? Brown   2.Gordon North   3.---???---   4.Ian Leck   5.-?? Hezeldine   6.Keith Vaux?   7.---???---   8.---???---
Middle (2nd) Row:
1.Margaret Wastell   2.Kathleen Allenden   3.-?? Holliday?   4.Angela Sterling   5.-?? Payne   6.---???---
7.Margeret Hodgeson   8.Irene Everson   9.---???---   10.---???---   11.---???---   12.Joan Little   13.---???---
Front (1st) Row:
1.-?? Earl   2.Roger Brace   3.---???---   4.Eric Barker

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