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Normanby County School 1951/52 Class ??

Normanby School Photo Class - 1951-52-class
This photograph from Yvonne Peacock

Teacher: ---???--- (not present)
Names of known pupils -
From left clockwise:
Christine Mcfarlane (bike shop Normanby),    Raymond Harrison (in Wendy House),    Barbara Lillie,
Yvonne Pearson (now Peacock),    Jennifer Bird (Yvonne’s friend),    Alan Harrison,
Mavis or Norma Hodgson,    Howard Leake,
Standing back right:
Dennis Walker,    John Preston,
Around table from left clockwise:
Victor ???,    ??? Hodgson,    Bobby Bone,    Clive Would,    Peter Metcalfe,    David Brown.

8 February 2018 from Yvonne Peacock (was Pearson) -
   "I am standing just outside the door of the Wendy House with my friend Jennifer Bird just behind me.
   I think we all look about six or seven although the photo was taken in the first class room.
   The second class room was to the left and (looking at Normanby school) the classroom to the left taken by a Miss Horsefall."

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