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  One of the main functions of the group is to research the history of the area and publish the findings in various publications.
  We have now published eight booklets along with our yearly calendar, postcards & prints for framing, a DVD as well as Christmas cards.
  Full details can be found via links below.
- Normanby LHG Booklets
- Postcards of Normanby & Old Eston
- Normanby Prints for Framing
- DVD on William Short, VC

Normanby LHG Booklets

Normanby Remembered

  This first booklet by Spencer Hardwick  is a humourous and delightful look at a life growing up in Normanby from a man with a remarkable memory.
  Spencer affectionately recalls the characters and places of his youth and has packed the booklet with photographs of the village thoughout his almost 90 years of living here.

Further Memories Of Normanby

  This brilliant sequel to Spencer Hardwick's first booklet offers many more memories that he remembered after the publication of the first.
  Illustrated throughout with photographs and beautiful line etchings by Spencer's son Derek.

Normanby Trilogy - -
- - The Mill - The Brewery - The Poverina

Eric Armstrong 's first booklet looks at three very prominent landmarks from Normanby's history.
  Packed with incredible research and very rare pictures, this booklet provides a detailed account of the history behind these buildings.

The Nab Still Looks Down - - -
- - - - - More Recollections of Normanby

   Following on from the story in his first two booklets, Spencer Hardwick's third and final booklet continues with his recollections and he considers the changes in recent times which have affected the village.
   As the title suggests Spencer starts this booklet with a chapter about Eston Nab which overlooks the village.
   He then continues his memories with stories which include amongst others: Trolley Bus memories, Smith's Dock Park, Whale Bones, the Eston & Normanby Working Man's Club, National Rat Week and Normanby Scouts.
   This third booklet, which includes images from present day Normanby, is a fitting conclusion to Spencer's trilogy.

The Diaries of Ralph Jackson (1749-1790) -
- - - - The Pepys Of Cleveland

This booklet features extracts edited by David Wilkinson from the diaries of Ralph Jackson (1749 - 1790).
  Ralph Jackson (born:1736 died:1790) was the founder of the Ward-Jackson line of squires of Normanby in Cleveland.
  His interesting life, though not of national significance, would have been forgotten had he not kept a meticulous diary of over half a million words. He describes his family connections with the East India Company, Alum mining in Cleveland and incidental meetings with Captain James Cook. It is an important social document of life in Cleveland and North Yorkshire during the 18th century. The diary covers the period from the age of thirteen until a few months before his death in 1790 at the age of fifty-five.
  This selection of extracts concentrates on Ralph Jackson's time in Guisborough and Normanby with limited references to his apprenticeship in Newcastle.

Canadian Apples, Owls...& Cricket in West St
- - - - A Normanby Boyhood

A recollection of growing up in Normanby in the 1940s and 1950s by Harry Mead.
  Harry was born 1938 in West St, Normanby son of William Randall & Dorothea Mead.
  His interesting recollections cover many aspects of Normanby that have changed including school, WW2, living at the brickyard, cricket & football, the hills, changing Normanby & the Forum cinema.
  This is the sixth booklet to be published by the group.

A Factual Description of Normanby 1050-1901

Sylvia Fairbrass compiled this booklet with facts garnered from old records & books as well as her own research.
  The author has been a keen and active member of our history group & its Archivist for many years.
  This is the seventh booklet to be published by the group.

In Memory of the Men of Normanby
---- Who in The Great War 1914-1918 gave their lives for their country

  There are 34 names on the Normanby War Memorial.
  This booklet records the extensive researches about these brave local men who volunteered when their country needed them and sadly were not to see Normanby again.
  Eric Taylor has added to the earlier work of the late Bob Coulson to produce this interesting publication.
  This is the eighth booklet to be published by the group.

The Story of a Nobody

  Richard (Dick) Clark's story begins in 1918 when he was born in California, Eston.
  In June 2014 on a Normanby LHG outing to the Eden Camp Museum at Malton group member Kester Marsh noticed a poster in a former Prisoner of War hut mentioning that Dick Clark the Eston born soldier had been a POW but official errors had led to him being listed as killed in action with the subsequent "loss" of his identity.
  Kester decided to find out more about the "Man with No Name" and through his researches eventually contacted 96 year old Dick (in Canada) who told him of his interesting autobiography and the attempts to retrieve his identity by correcting the official records.
  With Dick's blessing his story is published in this booklet to ensure it is not forgotten.  Also included are "My Life as a Prisoner of War" (his secret diary as a POW), copies of documents of his army life and subsequent letters used in restoring his correct service history - and so regaining his identity!

Picture Of Spencer Hardwick's 1st Booklet Picture of Spencer Hardwick's 2nd booklet Picture of Eric Armstrong's Booklet Picture Of Spencer Hardwick's 3rd Booklet Picture Of David Wilkinson's 1st Booklet Picture Of Harry Mead's 1st Booklet Picture Of Sylvia Fairbrass's 1st Booklet Picture Of Bob Coulson & Eric Taylor's 1st Booklet

Picture Of Richard Clark & Kester Marsh's Booklet

Purchasing Our Booklets & Calendar

  The booklets and our yearly calendar can be purchased from Barbara’s Wool Shop in Coronation Court, Normanby.
  Our calendar can also be purchased from:-
     - Jubilee’s in Normanby,
     - Minfika Cafe in Lambton Street and
     - Angela Barron (Chiropodist) on the High Street
     - Ship Inn in Eston.
  Additionally you can contact  the group for details of postal purchases.

The current (September 2017) booklet prices are:-
   No.1 Normanby Remembered...................£4.00
   No.2 Further Memories Of Normanby.........£4.00
   No.3 Normanby Trilogy.............................£4.00
   No.4 The Nab Still Looks Down................. £4.00
   No.5 The Diaries of Ralph Jackson............ £4.00
   No.6 Canadian Apples, Owls & Cricket...... £4.00
   No.7 A Factual Description of Normanby ....£4.00
   No.8 In Memory of the Men of Normanby ..£4.00
   No.9 The Story of a Nobody .....................£5.00

Our 2018 calendar costs £5.00 (£6.50 by post to UK address).
   Please note that this new calendar is a completely new design (a big improvement in quality and content) which is more expensive to produce than previous editions.
   So after 14 years (when we have absorbed the increased costs of paper and printing) we have raised the price by just 25%.   Some copies of our previous years calendars are still available at the original cost of £4.00 (£5.50 by post to UK address).

Picture Of Current Calendar

Postcards of Normanby & Old Eston

  The Group has produced several postcards featuring views of Old Normanby & Edwardian Eston.

  The five multi-view postcards are shown here on the right.
  Each of the twenty five images on these five cards is also available as an individual postcard.

  Also available is this postcard featuring the Trolley Bus at Normanby Corner. Postcard 6 of Trolley Bus at Normanby Corner
  We also have six single view postcards (Nos.8 to 13) depicting various scenes from our Normanby village (see below).

  Another three single view postcards (Nos.14 to 16) of Normanby & Eston village scenes are now available (see further below).

Purchasing Our Postcards & Christmas Cards

  The Normanby postcards (& our Christmas cards) can be purchased from Barbara’s Wool Shop in Coronation Court, Normanby.
  Our Normanby postcards can also be purchased from Jubilee’s in Normanby.
  Additionally you can contact  the group for details of postal purchases.

Postcard 1 of 5 pics of Old Normanby Postcard 2 of 5 pics of Old Normanby Postcard 3 of 5 pics of Edwardian Eston Postcard 4 of 5 pics of Old Normanby Postcard 5 of 5 pics of Normanby Now
Postcard 8 of Single View of Normanby Postcard 9 of Single View of Normanby Postcard 10 of Single View of Normanby Postcard 11 of Single View of Normanby Postcard 12 of Single View of Normanby Postcard 13 of Single View of Normanby
Postcard 14 of Single View of Eston Postcard 15 of Single View of Normanby Postcard 16 of Single View of Normanby

Normanby Prints for Framing

  You now have the opportunity to display some Normanby history on your walls with our attractive prints !
  Our Group can now produce medium size (A4) prints that are suitable for framing from any of our postcards.
  The prints are in black and white with a gloss finish.
  Print-size is A4 (approx. 21cms by 30cms).

Purchasing Our Prints

  The prints cost only £1.00 each (plus Post & Packing).
Please contact  the group to make enquiries & place your orders for postal delivery.
  Please try to make it clear in your request which postcards you require printing to avoid disappointment.

Postcard of Old Normanby School

DVD of the Film
"Gallantry in the Face of the Enemy,
William Henry Short VC"

  The film project  (on our local hero) undertaken by our group in collabration with Lonely Tower Film & Media  and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund   has completed the film which has been publicly premiered.

  This film is now also available on DVD for personal viewing.

  Copies may be purchased from Barbara’s Wool Shop (in Coronation Court) & Jubilee’s in Normanby & our Group for £5 or for postal delivery for £6.50.

   To place your orders for postal delivery
please contact  the group.

William Henry Short VC - Film DVD Cover