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Normanby Time Line to 1901

  This article provides a timeline of events of significance to Normanby from its earliest times up to 1901.
  Further information and links to more detailed information will be added over time as it becomes available.

  • 1050 In a History of St.Cuthbert Normanby appears as Northmanby home of the North Men
  • 1066 William the Conqueror
  • 1068 Northern uprisings against the King
  • 1069 Harrying of the North
  • 1086 Domesday Survey
  • 1175-1185 Confirmation by Adam de Brus II to the church of Rievaulx of the fishery of Normanby and 8 acres
                which Roger Lost gave to them.
  • 1189-1199 Confirmation by Robert, son of Richard of Normanby, to Walter Priest of Eston
  • 12c Saint Helen's Church started life as a Chapel of Ease
  • 1284-5 The rhyme about Roseberry Topping recorded
  • 1300 Normanby mentioned in the Guisborough Chartulary
  • 1301 Lay Subsidies for Normanby, Eston, Ormesby and Caldecotes
  • 1306
    • Robert Brus becomes King of Scotland
    • Grant by Adam de Lewyingthorp to his daughter Alice & her heirs of her body remainder to himself & heirs, FOR RENT OF A ROSE IN TIME OF ROSES.
  • 1320 Effigy abandoned on Normanby hill side [see 1900]
  • 1406 Manor Court rolls for Eston 9th December:-
    • Fines for not repairing the ditches
    • Nicholas Cornay convicted of affray and blood was drawn on Walter
    • Nicholas Cornay elected reeve; William Wilardby King's Constable; John Carter & John Wylkynson assessors. Etc.
    • Inquiry into the ruinous state of the manor house at Eston and
    • Neglect of dovecote, 2 houses, a common oven, the granary and a kiln.
  • 1409 Manor Court rolls for Eston 10th October:-
    • 4 men fined for colts untethered in the corn fields.
    • Unlawful diversion of water course by servants of the grange of the Prior of Guisborough, order to reinstate original.
    • Road repairs ordered to be done before September 29th
  • 1410 Manor Court rolls for Eston 13th April:-
    • inquiry into unmade ditches,
    • land not Gripped and
    • untethered colts within the fields.
  • 1483 Grant
  • 1545 Saint Helen's Church received its own priest
  • 1546-7 Conveyance
  • 1590 St Helen's Parish registers start: Jane Raisbeck bapt 11th May
  • 1596-7 Bad Harvests
  • 1603 Plague & Typhus Legislation to place infected areas in Quarantine, day and night watch to turn away strangers
            who might be carrying the disease.
  • 1606 Prosecution at Normanby for negligent night watchman, followed by major Crisis
  • 1636 Bubonic Plague
  • 1653 Bargain and Sale U/PEN 50
  • 1657 2nd July Title Deeds U/PEN 140 Bond of Thomas Addison
  • 1657-8 Title Deeds Feoffment U/PEN 141
  • 1673 Hearth Tax
  • 1717 Licence issued to alehouse keeper of the village of Normanby
  • 1718 William Pennyman buried December 12th
  • 1719 Richard Pennyman son and heir of William buried 22nd March a few months after his father.
            This led eventually to the estate being partitioned
  • 1718-19 Title Deeds Release U/PEN 26
  • 1720 Richard's Administration and Inventory document names his three sisters -
                - Annabella & Joanna Pennyman, and Elizabeth Consett
  • 1721 William Consett became the Vicar of Ormesby and Curate of Eston St Helen's church
  • 1722 March 27th Joanna Pennyman married Capt. Mathew Consett. His brother William conducted the service.
  • 1723 The Normanby Estate was partitioned Joanna inherited the western portion. Elizabeth the eastern portion
            as she was already living there.
  • 1724 William Pennyman Consett born son of William & Elizabeth at Normanby House
            [now known as the Manor House or Doctors Surgery].
  • 1729-30 Smallpox
  • 1732 Mathew Consett born son of Joanna & Mathew at the Manor House/Old Hall.
  • 1748 Mathew Consett died his 16year old son Mathew inherits.
  • 1756 Joanna Pennyman Consett died.
  • 1760
    • Title Deeds Final Concord U/PEN 38
    • The Reverend Richard Pocock, Bishop of Meath, wrote when visiting the area "I went through pleasant country, and near the foot of the Cleveland Hills the roads and fields improved. As in the Northern parts."
  • 1762
    • Influenza. ""Never was there a more general disorder. It went through all ranks affecting chiefly the lungs"". Ralph Jackson caught the malady and was confined to his home at Guisborough for above a week.
    • William Pennyman Vicar died and was succeeded by Rev. John Tanch
    • On the 31st March Ralph Jackson's 3 nieces were inoculated against Smallpox. Next day the 3 children of William Stevens of Normanby were also inoculated, the doctor using matter for the inoculation which was taken from a girl in Yarm
  • 1764 Mathew Consett sells his estate to Ralph Ward Jackson.
  • 1764-90 Period when Ralph Jackson's Diaries cover Normanby. [See our publication Diaries of Ralph Jackson ]
  • 1765 Terrier made of Ralph Jackson's Property and lands
  • 1771 Jeffrey's Map of Yorkshire
  • 1777 Smallpox caused 13 deaths at Eston.
  • 1778 William Ward Jackson born he died 1842 at Normanby
  • 1780 The harvest was light. Whooping Cough was abroad in the summer and was caught by Ralph Jackson's children.
            In October smallpox broke out at Ormesby and Ralph Jackson underwent the traumatic experience of having
            his 3 year old son and 2 year old daughter inoculated. The pus was ironically obtained from a labourer's son at
            Guisborough, where the disease was active.
  • 1781-1782 The harvests were bad and grain prices were high.
  • 1782 22nd September - Ralph Jackson wrote "Not one half of the wheat of the country is yet cut, nor yet ripe,
             and the heavy rains, which were the cause, continued into October"".
  • 1783 An epidemic of Cold / Influenza, (closing of the breast with much fever) was probably the cause of death of
            2 children of one of Ralph Jackson's tenants in January that year.
  • 1792 Consett Dryden born at Normanby House son of Mary who died 1830
  • 1795-1801 Preparations to repel the Invasion by the French
  • 1801 Normanby Estate hand drawn rough maps
  • 1811 William Ward Jackson discovered Ironstone deposits on his land
  • 1820 Foundation Stone laid of the New Normanby Hall. Built by Ignatius Bonomi who was also working on
            (alterations to) Crossbeck House at the same time
  • 1823-4 Miss Jane Dorothy Lambton altered for her use Crossbeck House. This is the first reference found.
             It was however built before 1799.
  • 1826 New Normanby Hall occupied the old hall was abandoned
  • 1831
    • Census - Population 138 in 25 houses
    • Consett Dryden of Normanby House married. One child Elizabeth Bean Dryden. Her mother died 1837.
  • 1833 Jane Dorothy Lambton died.
  • 1837
    • Mrs Consett Dryden died
    • 20th June Death of King William IV
  • 1838
    • Thursday 28th June Queen Victoria crowned.
    • Susanna Ward Jackson wrote-Gave the labourers and their wives roast and boiled beef, plum puddings and ale.
    • Monday October 15th Susanna Ward Jackson wrote "A very pleasant day - walked and called on several of the villagers."
  • 1839
    • Tithe Map
    • Susanna's Journal Monday April 1st Sent some baby clothes to Mary Cuthbert who is confined.
    • Daughter Mary's Journal Tuesday 5th June: ""A long painful conversation with my father (W.W.Jackson Sr.) about the placing of newly painted family portraits. I can never forget it. Oh may I have the strength to endure my bitter trials."
  • 1840
    • William Ward Jackson Jr. married Ann Rose Stapleton
    • 21st June Mary is still having problems with her father; she is getting very depressed and dispirited.
    • October her mother Susana wrote ""Dear Mary has been hysterical lately, when conversations take place with her and Mr.J (father)."
  • 1841 Census - population 144 in 23 inhabited houses 2 empty. [See article Normanby - 1841 Census Extract ]
  • 1842 William W. Jackson Sr. died he was born 1778
  • 1843
    • William W. Jackson Jr. Built Normanby Board School
    • G. E. W. Jackson Esq. was on the 3rd January last qualified as a Magistrate for the North Riding, and took his seat on the bench
  • 1844
  • 1850 Discovery of Iron Ore by John Vaughn.
  • 1851 Census - population 134 in 35 inhabited houses none empty
  • 1853 Vaccination against Smallpox became compulsory.
  • 1854 Bell Brothers of Tyne side were granted leases to mine the Ironstone.
  • 1856 The Odd Fellows Hall was built (Eston and Normanby Club)
  • 1857 Brewery founded by William Husband
  • 1861
    • Census - population 2,204 in 397 inhabited houses none empty. Normanby had grown after discovery of iron stone.
    • Brick and Tile Works 1861-1966
    • Opening of the Cleveland Railway, the line between Cross Keys at Upsall and the Tees Bank wholly upon Ward Jackson's lands.
    • 3 acres added to Saint Helen's church yard which was planted with trees and shrubs, paid for by Rev. Ward Jackson
  • 1862
    • West and East Lodge built
    • School Masters house added to Normanby school
  • 1863 Ward Jackson's wife and mother buried in Eston Cemetery
  • 1865
    • Normanby Local Health Board set up 6th October
    • Rev. William Ward Jackson Chairman until his death in 1874.
    • South Bank's population was now 5 times greater than Normanby.
  • 1868 Corn Mill built by Francis Carter steam driven
  • 1869 Consett Dryden died age 77 leaving only a married daughter Elizabeth and her husband Thomas Parrington.
            Consett Dryden's death brought to an end 150 years of his family's part in Normanby's history.
  • 1870 The Education Act makes Primary Education Compulsory
  • 1871 Census - population 3,556 in 606 inhabited houses 5 empty
  • 1872 Normanby Parochial Institute opened in Cleveland Street
  • 1874 William Ward Jackson died leaving 3 sons. The succession fell upon a five year old Charles Lionel Atkins
            Ward Jackson. Charles H. Minchin administered the estate for 16 years.
  • 1875 Steam Flour Mill Built in Cleveland Street
  • 1876 Charles H. Minchin J.P. and Chairman of the Board of Health, was living at Crossbeck House.
            He was also an agent of the Trustees of the 5 year old Charles Lionel Atkins Ward Jackson who
            inherited the estate.
  • 1878
    • Typhoid
    • October Closure of Normanby School because of Scarlet Fever
    • December Ralph Jackson agrees to pay for curb stones Crossbeck to Normanby House if Normanby Board uses them to lay a footpath between both places.
  • 1879 September Summons against School Managers re the state of Normanby School
  • 1881 Census
  • 1890 Typhoid epidemic in Normanby.
  • 1891
  • 1899 20th October Normanby Mine closed as the mineral (iron ore) was exhausted.
  • 1899-1902 Boer War Cemetery Memorial
  • 1900
    • Methodist Church built on corner of Patten & Cleveland Streets
    • Effigy of 1320 found when men were digging clay at Normanby Brick works.
  • 1901
    • Census
    • Death of Queen Victoria

Researched and compiled by Sylvia Fairbrass 30-6-2008 for part of a display at one the group's annual exhibitions.

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