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Index of Previous News & Articles
from 2018 back to 2011

   This section contains items of news and articles that were previously featured on our Home page.
   We've kept them here in case you missed them - or want to refer back to them! Just "Click" on the item in the list below.
2018 -    8 items
Oct 2018 Group Members’ Trip to Pickering, NYMR
Oct 2018 Publications: 2019 Calendar of Normanby
Oct 2018 Pubns: "Normanby Brick & Tile Works"
Oct 2018 Normanby Boundary Walk by Members
Aug 2018 Hist Soc - Golden Jubilee Day School
July 2018 Eston & District WW1 Centenary Event
May 2018 Group Members’ Trip to York
Jan 2018 Article - "Eston Grammar... 1963 Photos"

2017 -    7 items
Nov 2017 Film Premiere: "William Henry Short V.C."
Sep 2017 Publications: 2018 Calendar of Normanby
Aug 2017 Group’s Trip: Ironstone Mining Museum
May 2017 Group Members’ Trip to Richmond
May 2017 Normanby LHG Awarded Grant by HLF
Mar 2017 New Marker Stone of Site of St Helen’s
Feb 2017 Sad News: Spencer Hardwick Passed On

2016 -    11 items
Nov 2016 Sad News: David Wilkinson Passed Away
Oct 2016 Article: "Normanby School Class Photos"
Oct 2016 Publications: Three New Postcards
Oct 2016 Birthday Greetings for Spencer Hardwick
Oct 2016 Publications: 2017 Calendar of Normanby
Aug 2016 Ceremony for William Henry Short VC
Jul 2016 100 Years Ago - Battle of the Somme
Jun 2016 Group Members Tour of Ormesby Hall
Jun 2016 Publication: booklet "Story of a Nobody"
Apr 2016 Publication: Six Postcards of Normanby
Jan 2016 Normanby Co-op Store Closes

2015 -    7 items
Nov 2015 Saint Helen’s Church Opening
Nov 2015 Normanby Remembrance Day Service
Jul 2015 Group’s 13th Annual Exhibition
Jul 2015 Article: "St.Helen’s Registers & Cemetery"
May 2015 Methodist Church Flower Festival
May 2015 Group Members’ Visit to Ripon Museums
Mar 2015 Article: "Methodist Youth Club"

2014 -    8 items
Jul 2014 Article: "Normanby Ironstone Mine"
Jul 2014 Group’s 12th Annual Exhibition
Jun 2014 Publication: eighth booklet -
               "In Memory of the Men of Normanby"

Jun 2014 British Legion Memorial Walk
Jun 2014 Remembering Normanby Men...
Apr 2014 Article: "Normanby WW1 Fallen"
Mar 2014 RAF Flypast Confirmed for Exhibition!
Jan 2014 Article: "Killora and the Townsend Family"

2013 -    4 items
Sep 2013 Publications: Prints & Our 2014 Calendar
Apr 2013 Article: "Wesleyian Chapels"
Mar 2013 Sad News: Eric Armstrong Passed Away
Feb 2013 Publication: seventh booklet -
    "Factual Description of Normanby 1050-1901"

2012 -    4 items
Jun 2012 Publication: "A Normanby Boyhood"
Apr 2012 Article: "Elsie McDermid Operatic Singer"
Mar 2012 Article: "Normanby Timeline to 1901"
Jan 2012 Article: "Normanby 1891 Census Extracts"

2011 -    5 items
Dec 2011 Articles: 3 new ones -
"Stapylton Arms Inn Mystery"
"Normanby School 1914 Class Re-union"
"Normanby Lad Faced Fiery Fred"
Dec 2011 Article: "Normanby 1841 Census Extract"
Nov 2011 Article: "Normanby Last Decade 19th C."
Oct 2011 Normanby-born Lady’s 104th Birthday
Apr 2011 Article: "Saint Helen's Church Rebuild"

Pic 04 Methodist chapel from turn of 20th Century Picture Of Sylvia Fairbrass's 2nd Booklet Eston Grammar School 1963 Staff Ralph Jackson and Elizabeth Parrington Saint Helen's Church 2015 Normanby Methodist Youth Club 1950s Normanby Firebrigade