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Index of Previous News & Articles
from 2014

   This section contains items of news and articles that were previously featured on our Home page.
   We've kept them here in case you missed them - or want to refer back to them! Just "Click" on the item in the list below or Scroll down the page.
2014 -    8 items
Jul 2014 Article: "Normanby Ironstone Mine"
Jul 2014 Group’s 12th Annual Exhibition
Jun 2014 Publication: eighth booklet -
               "In Memory of the Men of Normanby"

Jun 2014 British Legion Memorial Walk
Jun 2014 Remembering Normanby Men...
Apr 2014 Article: "Normanby WW1 Fallen"
Mar 2014 RAF Flypast Confirmed for Exhibition!
Jan 2014 Article: "Killora and the Townsend Family"

Previous News & Articles from 2014

"Normanby Ironstone Mine" - 22 July 2014

  This article by Eric Barker covers the history & location of our local ironstone mine.
  It was written as a result of Eric responding to a 2011 Appeal   by Joan Outhwaite for the names of the miners in a photo that she displayed at one of our exhibitions.
  So the opportunity was taken to combine this new information into the article.

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Normanby Miners - Who Are They?

12th Annual Exhibition - Saturday 12th July 2014

  The Normanby Local History Group's annual exhibition was held at Normanby Methodist Church as usual.
  Monday 4th August 2014 was the centenary of the start of the Great War - so the theme of our exhibition was based on WW1 & WW2 Normanby connections.
  It was a great day - the weather was fine again - and we were really pleased to see so many interested visitors.
  Once again the group thanks everyone who put in such a lot of hard work to make the day a success (including several local folks not even members!)
  More information can be found on our Past Events  page.


Latest booklet!!
"In Memory of the Men of Normanby
---- Who in The Great War 1914-1918 gave their lives for their country" - 10 July 2014

  Our group's eighth booklet records the extensive research about the 34 brave local men whose names appear on the Normanby War Memorial.

See our Publications  page for more details & availability.

Picture Of Bob Coulson and Eric Taylor's 1st Booklet

British Legion Memorial Walk - 23 June 2014

  Members of Normanby Local History Group met with Eric Howden from the Royal British Legion as his sponsored Memorial Walk  reached Normanby on the morning of Saturday 14th June.   A crowd gathered at the WWI Memorial as a dedication was made to those who fought so that people now may be free.   Crosses with Remembrance poppies on them were placed at the Memorial and donations were made to the Royal British Legion.   A commemorative vase was placed at the foot of the Memorial which contained poppies and a sunflower.
  A new Photo Gallery of this event has been added.

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Normanby WW1 Memorial Walk

Remembering Normanby Men... - 1 June 2014

  Normanby Local History Group will be distributing sunflowers to blossom around Normanby in memory of the men of Normanby who did not return home from all wars.
  On Monday August 4th the 34 men named on the Normanby World War I Memorial at the High Street end of West Street will be remembered at the Memorial by having their names attached to 34 specially grown sunflowers.

For information on this event see our Past Events  page together with a Photo Gallery of this floral tribute.

See next News item below.

Normanby War Memorial Sunflowere

"Normanby WW1 Fallen" - 22 April 2014

  This article is based on a printed article written in 2003 by the late Bob Coulson.   It is reproduced here by kind permission of his family.
  There are now 34 names listed on the war memorial on the wall of No.1 The Jennings in Normanby.
  Bob researched the brave local men who volunteered when their country needed them in the Great War of 1914-1918 and sadly were not to see Normanby again.
  [Since 2003 much more information has become available both in archives & online.   So additions & amendments have been made by members of the Normanby Local History Group.
  This is the first attempt at converting Bob Coulson's printed article into online media with links to other relevant websites.
  Further changes will be made as information becomes available.]

See this Article  on Normanby.

Normanby War Memorial

GREAT NEWS!! RAF Flypast Confirmed! - 20 March 2014

  Our chairman has received confirmation from the RAF that we will have a flypast this year by another Spitfire!
  So Saturday 12th July 2014 will be the date for Normanby Local History Group's next annual exhibition.
  More information can be found on our Past Events  page.

RAF BoBMF Silver Spitfire LFIXe MK356

"Killora and the Townsend Family" - 30 January 2014

  This article is based on research by Dr A John Willmott who worked for BISRA when it was based at the house in Normanby called Killora.
  From the late 19th century this house was the family home of Dr. Townsend and where he held his practice.
  Sadly this family lost two of their sons in the Great War - their names appear on the war memorial in Normanby.

See this Article  on Normanby.

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