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Kenny Surtees.


  Kenny Surtees from Jubilees Card Shop writes poetry and copious letters to the Gazette. This is one of his poems which was published in the Gazette minus a few verses. This is the full version which was written during lockdown. He has kindly given us permission to put it on our website.

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MANY friends I’ll surely miss,
Who live in Normanby.
From Kingtone to Bill Power,
And my dear friend Porky.
Rebecca, little Tommy,
Emma and Derek Lloyd.
And not forgetting Katie,
The girl I once employed.

Lady Tracy, Al the Judge,
Don, Winnie, Cath and Bri.
All the staff at Tesco’s,
And Toni with an i!
Lisa, Val and Janet,
My Beatle buddy Lol.
Leah at Minfika,
Julie, Amanda, Col.

Alex, Simon, Angelo,
Johanne, Kevin and Graham.
Terry Cochrane, Sylvia,
Harry, Barbara, Jane.
Tracey at The Parlour,
Amy at All Dolled Up.
Clients at Brooks Bargains,
Marie holding her pup.

Pat who owns the chippy,
And Liz ’the candle girl’.
Councillor Chris Gallacher,
Lyndsey, Lorraine and Pearl.
The Shed, The Village Pantry,
And then there is McColl’s.
And not forgetting Graham,
The postman when he calls!

Bar staff in The Tiger,
Also The Woodman Arms.
The girls at Boots the chemist,
Courtly displaying charms.
Manor House on Braidwood,
The doctors’ surgery.
Competent, agreeable,
Good staff I guarantee.

Claire and Vicky Watson,
Bill and Pat Chesney.
Alan and Jeanette,
As well as Scotch Mary.
Cupcakes bought from Morgans,
A steak from butcher Shawn.
Flowers sold at Allium,
Haircuts performed by Dawn.

Tommy Wyke, Davy Bell,
And Tittibottle Park.
The church on Cleveland Street,
Billy and Sheelagh Clarke.
Bev, The Poverina,
The weeping willow tree.
Lloyd’s and Pat the seamstress,
Bianco’s, Dave Heaney.

Eileen, Ron and Susie,
The dentist and Envy.
Sales at Lettings Express,
And my good friend Jamesy.
Thank you to the council,
The lads with brush in hand.
Who work hard every day,
To tidy up the land.

The able legal eagles,
At thirty-five High Street.
The girls who work at Ladbroke’s,
The people that I meet.
Vijay, Suda, Meghan,
To all this poem applies.
To those, alas, omitted,
May I apologise?

© 2020 Kenny Surtees.

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