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The Day The Trolley Bus Returned to Normanby.

  Have you ever wondered why Normanby Road seems a lot wider than the other roads in the area? This road was actually part of a sophisticated electrical trolley bus network that linked North Ormesby to Normanby. The buses were an ingenious and 'green before its time' public transport system that utilized electricity from the local industry to ensure that workers from the local industry got to work.

  As part of the Annual Local History Group Exhibition in 2007 we arranged for one of these historical trolley buses to make a triumphant return. The day was a massive success and hundreds of people attended. It was a great opportunity for the group to interview many of the drivers, inspectors and conductress's who worked on the buses all those years. Many of the fantastic stories were captured on video and make a fascinating and sometimes hilarious record of life on the road. We hope to produce a DVD sometime.

  The service began in 1919 and provided a fantastic transport sytem until 1972. You may remember the electric cables overhead or even got a slight shock when trying to hop onto one of these green wonders.

Display case showing hats and ties worn by bus drivers
Original bus turning in Normanby Attaching poles to bus Front of bus on its return to Normanby