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Stapylton, Poverina, School and Cricket
. . . . by Richard White IV   sent 17th December 2011

   Our friends, Marjorie and Ken Wanless who live in Eston, sent my sisters and I your Normanby 2011 calendar - fantastic, much appreciated.
   In 1933 my grandfather, Richard White II was the licensee of the Stapylton, the July calendar photo was taken the same year.  I was born in the Stapylton in 1931.
   One story my father told me pertained to secret meetings that were held in the Stapylton during my grandfather's time as licensee.                  [see website Articles page]
   The September calendar photo [shown opposite] I have seen in a book.  I believe my grandfather had just moved into the Poverina and I believe the lady cleaning the upstair window is my grandmother.  I would like to know the date the photo was taken?
   Eric Armstrong has a photo on your web site that was provided to the Poverina by my father, Richard White III, and I may have provided it to Eric some years ago.
   I have many photos taken by my father of Normanby in the 1960s during a visit (we moved to Miami, Florida in 1948).
   I have a class photo, Normanby school taken in 1909 [shown opposite] and a class reunion taken about 1972, also covered by the Gazette.
   If you would like these photo's I can send them.
   [gratefully received for our archives and website]
   I have the 1911 census when my grand parents were living in the Poverina.
--Regards, Richard White IV  (Adamsville, Tennessee. USA)--
     [Richard can be contacted via our Contacts page]
Follow up by Richard White sent on 18 December 2011:
   I have attached my dad’s school information and 1977 re-union photograph.  Individual names were added by my father on the back of the Gazette photograph which I simply moved below.
                             [see website Articles page]
   If you have any questions I would be glad to answer if I can.
   Although I now live in Tennessee, I retired from the Pentagon in 1992 and moved to this quiet, mostly farming area.  Very little traffic and only one traffic light in Adamsville.  There is a disadvantage, very few restaurants.
      ------------Regards, Richard White--------------
Follow up by Richard White sent on 20 December 2011:
   If you take a boat trip from Washington down the Potomac river you will pass by the Pentagon.  Opposite from the Pentagon towards the Jefferson memorial is the cricket field – I played there from 1957 to 1980.
   After you pass under a couple of bridges and across the river from the airport is the Defense Intelligence Analysis Centre (DIAC).  The architect won an award for the design.  The building of the DIAC was one of my projects from beginning to end - communications was my specialty.
   If you have seen any of the Walking Tall movies, the sheriff [Buford Pusser] lived here in Adamsville, in fact his daughter lives down the street from me.
    -------------Regards, Richard White-------------
Follow up by Richard White sent on 21 December 2011:
   A few years ago I talked to the author P. David Sentance (who wrote 'Cricket in America, 1710-2000').  He is based in California and had many errors about East Coast cricket.  He requested my help and I could not say no.
   I have sent a copy of the Yorkshire Cricket Team venture into Washington with photo’s from a booklet that Yorkshire CCC put together after their tour.    [see website Articles page]
    -------------Regards, Richard White-------------

Poverina and Ponytrap

Normanby School Class 1909