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The Kirton Family of Normanby
. . . . by Robert N Kirton   sent 2nd January 2012

   I learned of your website from Dick White.  We went to school together as did our fathers - my father Eric Kirton is in the school photograph. [see 'Normanby School 1914 Class Reunion' Article]

   My grandparents lived in Douglas Terrace, Normanby.  My grandad John J. Kirton was an engine driver taking ironstone from the hills to the works.  I have a photograph [opposite] of him, the engine (No.109 'Arthur') and his mates.

   Grandad made ironstone carvings several of which are in the Kirkleatham Museum.  I have some of the ironstone carvings here - but not many.  I have a letter from the wife of the Archbishop of York thanking grandad for a piece of his work.

   I will also let you have a cutting from the Gazette about his carvings.  One of which featured in an Antiques programme - it was of the church in the cemetery. I have a recording of the programme.

   His wife, my grandma, fell down in Smiths Dock Park and consequently passed away.
   I remember playing tennis at the Park with George Miles, son of the builder.
   Some years ago a member of Smiths Dock Park bowling green club won the All English Singles bowling championship.  I think his name was Billy Linton.

   I also have a photograph [opposite] of the Home Guard, based in Eston I think, in which my dad Eric Kirton was an officer.

   Grandad Kirton played football and I have a photo of the team and some kind of medal, but I do not know anything about it.  He also coached boxing to local children but I know nothing of the details.

   I understand that the Normanby Kirtons had some past relationship with the Blacksmith family.

   What more can I tell you?  I will have to think about it...
      --------Bob Kirton (Southampton, Hampshire)---------
Response from Richard White (Adamsville, Tennessee, USA)
        sent on 7 January 2012:
   Rob Kirton's message [above] I found very interesting.
   During one of my visits to Eston, Rob's father gave me an ironstone carving of the memorial in Eston cemetery.  It is identified on the bottom as 'K20'.          [photo opposite]
   Rob's dad also gave me 2 fossils his granddad had found.  One is an Ammonite, 400 million years old, as shown in my photograph.  The other, which I did not include is an unknown fossil.
   My dad was in the Home Guard with Eric Kirton.  I wonder if my dad is in his photograph and hope Rob can send me a copy.
   The Normanby web site is getting interesting.
         ------- Regards, Richard White -------

Normanby School Class 1914 John J. Kirton - Engine Driver John J. Kirton - Ironstone Carver

Eric Kirton in Home Guard (Eston?)

John Kirton Ironstone Carving 2