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Richardson's Brewery Photograph
. . . . by Stephen Richardson   sent 2nd January 2012

   What a pleasant suprise I had when looking at the old photos on the lovely web site you have made. There I am walking with my grandad Jouce Taylor and pushing the push chair of my handicapped brother Nigel past the Richardson's brewery.
         [see 1st image in Photo Gallery One]
   My name is Stephen Richardson 52 years of age (not related to the brewery Richardsons).  My brother Nigel has just moved to Eston from Guisbro but I've lived in Normanby all my life and wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
   My grandad who died in 1978 was married to Olive Taylor who died herself in 1992.
   These lovely photos certainly bring back plenty of memories -
       -  so keep up the good work!
    --------------Stephen Richardson (Normanby)-------------

Richardsons Brewery c1971