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Normanby Childhood Memories
. . . . by Joyce Harwood   sent 12th June 2012

   Just found your site.  I lived in Normanby 1944-1953 with my parents Harold and Gwen Bryan.  We lived at 6 Hewley Street.
   Opposite our house there was a bus garage and when the buses returned in the evening my friends and myself would hop on the buses for a ride into the garage.
   I also remember the Almond family.
   We used to play in the pub at the bottom of Hewley Street.  We made up plays as the pub had a stage in a large room on the second floor.
[Web Master: formerly the Oddfellow's Hall - photo opposite]
   My parents friends worked on the trolley buses which I used to catch to visit my grandparents in North Ormesby.
   I attended Normanby School which I believe has been removed. We also went to Titty-Bottle park with our dolls prams, and attended Patten Street Sunday School.
   Normanby was a nice place to grow up, we had the hills at the back and often went up to the Nab.
   I was sorry to leave in 1953 when we moved to Lancashire.
       ---Joyce Harwood nee Bryan (Norfolk)----
Response from Brenda Wheatley sent on 20th June 2012:
Hello Joyce,    I was interested to read your message.
   I also attended Normanby School and I remember you were
in the same class as me.  My home was close to the school
in West Street.  You may remember me, Brenda Marshall as
I was then.
   I've sent 2 class photos (see opposite):
     - in the 1950 one I'm in the 2nd row 3rd from right
          (is that you in 2nd row 4th from left?)
     - In the 1953 photo I'm in the 3rd row 3rd from left
          (I think that's you in 2nd row 3rd from left?)
   I too went to Patten Street Sunday School - my aunt Elsie
Marshall was Sunday School teacher for many years.  She is
now 93 years old and still living in Normanby.
   Best Wishes,
  ---Brenda Wheatley nee Marshall (Boston Spa, W.Yorks)---
Response from Joyce Harwood sent on 2nd July 2012:
   Hi Brenda
   Thanks for getting in touch and I remember you very well.
   Yes this is me in the photographs you sent me.
   I am still in touch with Ann Taylor 7th from the right in the
1953 photo.  She also lived in Hewley Street - the family moved
to Amersham, Bucks shortly after we moved - my parents were
very friendly with hers.  I believe her cousin Janet Lee lives
in York.
   I will now search my photographs to check if I have any
to contribute.
      ---Regards, Joyce Harwood nee Bryan (Norfolk)----
Response from Pamela Hill sent on 10th February 2014:
   I was brought up in Church Lane, Eston.
   On the 1950 Class 9 photo, I spotted my brother, John Crosby, first left on the back row.  The teacher was Miss Brayshaw.
   John also appears on the 1953 photo, 2nd left front row.  The teacher was Ken Oversby.
      ---Regards, Pam Hill nee Crosby (Stokesley, Yorkshire)----

Oddfellows Hall 2002 Normanby School 1964 Normanby School 1950 Class 9 Normanby School 1953 Class 6