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1977 Photo of School 1914 Class Re-union
. . . . by Jack Ryan   sent 23rd September 2012

   I've just read the interesting article on the Normany School 1914 Class Re-union and noticed that the 1977 re-union photo caption shows Minnie Bird when it is in fact her sister Phoebe (married name Crow) who lived at Poverina Cottage.
   She's the one in the white cardigan with the handbag looking very serious. Nice to see her in the picture as she died the next year.
   She was my maternal great-aunt and the aunt of my mother's sister Cynthia Womack, who you'll know from the group.
       -------------Regards, Jack Ryan-------------
   [Webmaster: Thanks Jack! Now corrected on the Article]

Normanby School 1914 Class Re-Union in 1977