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Holidays at the Manor House
. . . . by Nik Henville   sent 11th August 2013

   My maternal granny, Kathleen Bentlett (nee Allingham), lived in 'The Manor House' (formerly 'Normanby House') and I visited often in the fifties.
   I was living in London at that time and used to visit the maternal family in Yarm and holiday at Sandsend (Whitby).
   Then we always spent a blissfull week at 'The Manor' - playing and having adventures in the wild, rambling gardens - stopping only to watch passing steam-trains on the line out of Middlesbrough - and being treated to lunch at the Poverina (almost opposite) run by 'Aunty Enid' - an old friend of my Gran.

   I have a photograph of my granny standing in the doorway of the Manor House- clearly identical to the Doctor's Surgery of present day!

   Note the head above the door and the edges of the stone frame - beautifully carved detailing.

    --------------Nik Henville (North Lincolnshire)-------------

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Today's Manor House - Doctor's Surgery Manor House Entrance 1950s Manor House Doorway now