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David Robinson Markham
. . . . by Mrs Claire Woolf   sent 16th November 2014

   Having read the excellent 'In Memory of the Men of Normanby' book I felt I should contact the group re the information contained on David Markham.
   He is indeed David Robinson Markham of the 4th Yorkshire Battalion.
   My Grandma, Rose Ward (nee Empson) was born in Normanby in 1908 and could remember her uncle, David R Markham, dying in the Great War.
   She used to tell me that he was commemorated on the Normanby War Memorial.
   My family and I have visited Hibers Cemetery and the grave of David to pay our respects.
-------Regards, Claire Woolf nee Ward (Danby, N.Yorks)------
[Web-master: thanks Claire - useful to have confirmation of our assumptions.
   Your message prompted me to search the web again.  I found new records which confirm David originally enlisted with the 7th Battalion and later transferred to the 11th, then 6th and finally the 4th.
   Do you have any relevant photos?]
Follow up by Claire Woolf on 17 November 2014:
   I grew up in Normanby.  You may know my mum, Ann Ward (nee Farr) and my uncle, Ken Farr.  My Grandma (Rose Ward), whose uncle David Markham was, lived in Grosvenor Gardens for over 60 years.
   David's middle name of Robinson comes from his mother Elizabeth's maiden name.
   I don't have any photos of David, or his sister Lily (David's sister, my Granny's mum), but would love to have some!
   Maybe someone out there has one!
   When we visited Hibers Trench, I noticed there had been another visitor to David's grave 4 months before.  I took a photo of the relevant visitors page and looking at it now, I realise that the visitor was Eric Taylor, the author of your book!
   I have attached some photos of our trip to Hibers Trench.
   -------Regards, Claire Woolf nee Ward----------
[Web-master: thanks Claire.
   I have updated David Markham's entry in the Article 'Normanby WW1 Fallen' by adding the new information and your photos.
   Do look at the Article 'Normanby Ironstone Mine' - the photo of miners includes one identified as 'Markham' - probably James Markham your great-grandfather!]
Follow up by Carmel Hazell on 27 January 2015:
   David Robinson Markham was my husbands's grandfather.
   I was very interested to read your article and especially to see the photo of James Markham as we have no photos of this branch of the family.
   James Markham was born in Peasenhall, Suffolk.
   David is survived by one remaining grandchild and several great and great-great-grandchildren.
   I have been researching the family history for many years now and have also visited David's grave a few times.
   It is nice to know others have been there too.
    ----------Regards, Carmel Hazell------------
   [WebMaster: if anyone has any further information, photos or comments -  - please Contact us! ]

Markham - Visit by Daniel & Claire Woolf - Aug 2010 David Robinson Markham: Gravestone David Robinson Markham: Gravestone Inscription

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