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Normanby Hall CC 1919 Fixture List, etc
. . . . by Dr John Bean   sent 26th March 2015

[Initial Message sent on 13 January 2015]
   I have a small item relating to the local cricket club which may be of interest at one of your meetings.  It as a very nicely produced fixture list for 1919.  I must have obtained it from my father.
   It could be of interest as it shows the names of the officials, and it is quite clear from the names of top officials that class hierarchy was alive and well.
   It easily fits into an envelope and you are welcome to it if you would like it.
 ---------Regards, John Bean (Pickhill, N.Yorkshre)------
[WebMaster: Thanks - we would be most grateful to receive that item.
   We have a number of photos of Normanby Hall Cricket Club and at least one member who has an interest in the Club!
   So please send it to my address and I will pass it on to our archivist at the next meeting.]
Follow up letter from John Bean on 26 March 2015:
   I enclose the 1919 Fixture List for Normanby Hall Cricket Club; the club seems to have had more Vice Presidents than players!
   The club played a large element of my teenage years.  I played for the juniors until I left to go to university in 1950 and was occasionally dragged out late on Saturday to make up the numbers for the 2nd XI if a player was ill or someone had not turned up.
   I can still recall waiting for the arrival of the Saturday Evening Gazette which had the latest scores in the Stop-Press when the team was playing away.

   You say that there is a member who has an interest in NHCC so I give a few details of the players who were the backbone of the team in the 1940s.
   Clive Bell was the captain - he was a local builder.
   Wilf Atkinson was an all rounder - he bowled right handed and batted left handed or maybe the other way round, I forget as my memory fades with age.
   Jack Sheperdson was an opening bat and wicket keeper. He played as a professional and if he scored a fifty or a century there was a collection for him among the spectators.
   Stan Harker was a very fast bowler.
   Harry Curry was a medium pace spin bowler; he could be deadly if the wicket suited him.
   Johnny Barker was a wicket keeper.
   Derek Vincent was a hard hitting batsman.
   Albert Dunn was an all rounder.
   I forget details of the other players.  The long time secretary and general factotum was Harry Meredith.  His day job entailed riding round the area on his bicycle looking for school truants and was always referred to as the 'Kid Catcher'.

   I also enclose a couple of old photographs with a Normanby connection.  I have boxes of photos of which only very few have any details as to who the people are or when the photo was taken.

   The photo of the Mixed 4b class Normanby School is probably among the photos I inherited as the girl holding the board is my Aunt Evelyn.  She was born in December 1896 and as the children look to be about 8 or 9 the photo probably dates from about 1904/05.

   About the photo of the football team I have no information. I cannot recognize any face that looks familiar as from my family but it was presumably kept for a reason.  The name at the bottom right - 'H.Lynas' - has a familiar ring to me, but I cannot place it.

  ------Yours faithfully, J H Bean (Pickhill, N.Yorkshire)-----
[WebMaster: Thanks John - interesting items which I will display at the next meeting and pass on to our archivist.  I hope to make use of them in future articles or a photo gallery!
   If anyone has further information on the photos -
                - then please Contact us!]

Normanby Hall CC 1919 Fixture List Cover

Normanby School Class 4b c1904 Normanby Football Team 19??