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Railway Bridge Damage and Graffiti
. . . . by Gordon Smith   sent 8th February 2016

I recall that the driver had stopped in Ormesby next to a school friend of mine to ask the way to ICI.
   On the other side of the Bridge used to be painted the slogan 'Beware of Bevin' - or was it 'Bevan'?
   On the inside a disaffected railwayman had painted his thoughts on Doctor Beeching.    Perhaps this was done when an engine ran out of steam - which was a fairly regular occurrence.
         ----------Regards, Gordon Smith---------

[WebMaster: Thanks Gordon - interesting recollection.
   If anyone has further information or memories of the above or when the accident happened - - then please Contact us!]
Sylvia Fairbrass (1 August 2016):
   I noticed the request for information on Normanby Bridge.
   The photo (shown above right) of the bridge accident was taken by Don Longstaff in 1966 and loaned to me for copying when I was our group archivist.    We were given permission to publish it by Muriel his wife.
   The Yorkshire Post newspaper cutting (shown opposite) saved by Don Longstaff says:-
   '  A lorry carrying a five-ton steel crucible to the ICI works
   at Wilton crashed into the Normanby railway bridge, near
   Middlesbrough, yesterday.
     The crucible became wedged under the low(?) bridge and
   the impact snapped the lorry chassis.     Girders supporting
   the bridge were lifted and the stone supports damaged.
     The road was partially blocked for several hours and
   workmen had to remove the cast-iron parapet of the bridge
   before the lorry could be moved.
     Mr. John Sutcliffe, 23, the driver, of Curron Road, Bradford,
   was unhurt.'

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   We were given Ian Crow's papers after his death with permission to publish though I do not know if he had finished his research which he published in the Teesside History Group Quarterly Magazine.
   Following is part of a research article by Ian Crow referring to the photo shown opposite:-
   'Normanby Bridge bearing the brickworks line across the former
   A174 main road, from Cargo Fleet (away to the right) to Flatts
   Lane level crossing.    One hundred and fifty yards right of
   this scene, the embankment of 1861 covered the last traces of
   the former manor house of the village, a fortified Tudor
   building.    One hundred and fifty yards in the opposite
   direction, a cattle creep beneath the same embankment
   enabled later lords of the manor to reach the eastern end of
   their estates from Normanby Hall.'

   As for the story of the graffiti: one of the men responsible told me how and why they did it - but would not allow anything to be put in writing as he feels sure the two of them could be prosecuted even now!  The grafitti refered to the prime minister of the day.  I kept asking him to write it down on the understanding we will not use it till he gives permission - but....
  ------- Sylvia Fairbrass (Normanby LHG member) -------
Webmaster (26 March 2023):
   Sylvia had sent the above message to us long ago - but I must apologise for not adding it to our website much sooner as I misfiled it and only just re-discovered it!