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Normanby Sunday School Bible
. . . . by Pat Flynn   sent 19th August 2016

   A lady called Val (from Chilwell, Notts) gave me a Bible that she found when clearing out a garden shed.
   The Bible has an inscription that says it was given to a Lillian McKenzie for attending Normanby Sunday school and presented to her by A.?. White, Vicar.
   Lillian had written her name and address in it as 7 Lambton St.
   The Bible was printed around 1930.   So I presume that if  Lillian were still alive she would be around 90 years of age.
   The Bible is still in daily use although a little worse for wear.
   The way Lillian had written her name and address indicated she had a sense of humour, so any background on her would be interesting, and would also add a little personal touch.
   I have attached a couple of photos of the inscription and Bible which is a 1611 King James Version.
   If possible any information regarding Lillian would be greatly appreciated.
  -------- Kind regards, Pat Flynn (W.Bridgford, Notts) --------

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Bible of Lilian McKenzie - Cover
Bible of Lilian McKenzie - Inscription