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Appeals: Brass Band Photo
. . . . by Jim Stone   sent 1st January 2017

I have been around brass music for 70 years and still play the euphonium and baritone but nowadays mainly to amuse myself.

   Apparently there was a band in Normanby in the 1870s so this photo might be significant - Normanby Brass Band is listed on the Internet Bandsman's Everything Within website (
   There were also two brass bands in Eston ie Eston Miners Old and Eston Miners.
   The IBEW website says:-
 'Eston Miners Old Brass Band (Middlesbrough) was active from the 1880s to the 1920s.  It took part in the ceremony to lay the foundation stones of the Normanby Methodist Church on Saturday June 30th, 1900.'

   The photo shows what I would call a traditional Village Band or some might say a Scratch Band.    They have obviously marched to the hills as the bass drummer has a carrying halter strapped under his coat and the event might be to provide music for a church picnic or Sunday school treat.   Who knows?

   The instruments I see as left to right:
 1.tenor horn/baritone,   2.valve trombone,       3.ophicleide,
 4.cornet,              5.cornet?,                        6.cornet,
 7,(boy),               8.(bystander),                   9.cornet,
 10.flute or fife?,   11.????,              12.clarinet Eb? or oboe?,
 13.side drum,     14.trumpet/long cornet?,      15.euphonium,
 16.althorn?,        17.Eb? Bass or bombardon,   18.bass drum.

I hope that my information is of benefit to someone in your group and I enjoy looking at your excellent website.

    ---------Regards, Jim Stone (Redcar)----------

[WebMaster: thanks Jim for your useful comments - I've updated the Appeals entry with your information.
   Perhaps the photo was taken after the ceremony laying the foundation stone of our Normanby Methodist Church?   Wonder if there was a newspaper report?]

Brass Band in Front of Eston Hills?