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Appeals: Brass Band Photo
. . . . by Eric Barker   sent 22nd March 2017

   My grandad Isaac Atkinson Barker played trombone in the band pictured in the Pancrack film ''A Century in Stone''.
   In your Message Board I see mention of a band photo in Jim Stones message of 1 January 2017 - but cannot see it...?
   Keep up the good work.   I am still following your website.
     -----------Regards, Eric Barker (Stoke)-----------
WebMaster: Thanks Eric for sending that information.
  I have fixed the display issue of the band photo on our Message Board - sorry about that!
  However you can display a larger version of this photo via that on our Appeals page (but not on these Message Board pages).
 I hope you can then confirm whether he is your grandfather or not?
   The only player identified as a trombonist (by Jim Stone) is reasonably clear for a scan from what was such a small photo.

   Apparently there were a few brass-bands in the Eston-Normanby area.
   Do you know which band your grandad played in?
   Can you please send us any extra info on your grandad that we could add to our website?
Follow up by Eric Barker on 11 April 2017:
   I can now see the picture on the Appeals page and my grandfather is not on that one.
   I always assumed (rightly or wrongly) that the band that my grandad played in was the Eston Miners 'Silver' band.
   I attach a couple of photos of two brass bands showing my grandad.

   The first picture (see opposite) shows my grandfather Isaac Atkinson Barker and his trombone in the middle at the front between the red lines.   This is actually a snip from the Pancrack film 'A Century in Stone' where the speaker says ''we used to go onto the hills to watch the siver miners band...''.   So I assume that it is not a brass band.

   The second photo opposite shows my grandfather again - this time just to the left of the bass drum.   Judging by his medals this is obviously post-WW1.  The large house behind could be Wilton Castle?
     -----------Regards, Eric Barker (Stoke)-----------
WebMaster (February 2018): Thanks Eric for that info and photos.
  Apologies that I have only just added this contribution to our MessageBoard.   Also now added to the relevant Appeals page - where the photographs can be enlarged for clearer viewing.

Brass Band in Front of Eston Hills?

Eston Miners Silver Band 1

Eston Miners Silver Band 2