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Normanby School: Dinners & Log Book
. . . . by Ron Kerrison   sent 18th February 2018

A couple of questions for your group:-

1.  I went to Normanby School from 1942-ish to 1946.
   We walked the distance from home in Eston each day.
   BUT did we walk home and back (over 1 mile each way)
   and have time to eat lunch during dinner hour?
   Or were there school meals available?
   We often walked back at home time with our teacher
   Mrs. Cooper (nee Ethel Bonas, I believe).

2.  Why is the Normanby school log book not to be found in Cleveland Archives?
   The Eston log book is available.

Best Regards,
  -----Ron Kerrison (Danby, Nr.Whitby, N.Yorkshire)-----
[WebMaster (21 February 2018):
   Thanks Ron for your queries.
   I've added   your information to the Appeals page -
   - which should prompt some answers to be reported there!]

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