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Normanby Patent Slag Manure
. . . . by Helen Bynum   sent 10th April 2019

I found an advert in the Gardener's Chronicle May 22, 1897 which refers to 50 in prizes for the best 12 potatoes or 6 turnips grown using Normanby patent slag manure, applicants to apply to the Normanby Iron-works co. Middlesbrough exhibits for the Stokesley Show.
   Does anyone in your group have any information on the patent manure?
   Thanks for any help,
   --------Helen Bynum (near Beccles, Suffolk)--------
[WebMaster (12 April 2019):
   Thanks Helen for that interesting query!
   I've forwarded your enquiry to the members of our Group to respond and then I will add your query and information received to our Appeals page about 'Normanby Patent Slag Manure'.
   Done 26 April 2019.]

Gardeners Chronicle of 1897