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Snowdon Family of Ormesby
. . . . by Philip Bridge   sent 20th January 2021

Dear Group
   I have been researching my Family History and through this discovered your website.
   It has been informative and fascinating with lots of potentially relevant data although I have yet to make a positive link between the Snowdons of my family and those listed on your site.
   I do however have evidence from a census that the Snowdon of my family was a farmer born in Ormesby before moving to Newcastle about 1820-30.   It appears that his father was a brewer.
   I appreciate your work on this site and therefore would like to show it by paying for a subscription to your group. Please advise me.  [WebMaster: thanks for your appreciation - but there really is no need to make a subscription - especially as we are unable to welcome you to our meetings at the moment !]
   I also have an interest in industrial archaeology and railways of which your site is rich, however I have to be careful that this does not distract me from the family history!
   When circumstances permit I hope to visit the area.
With all best wishes,
       ----------  Philip Bridge (London) ---------
WebMaster (20 Jan 2021):
Pleased that you have found our website so interesting.  Hope that you enjoy visiting our area sometime.
   Can you please send us some more details of your Ormesby Snowdons - that may help clarify your query before I send it on to our members!
Philip Bridge (25 March 2021):
   After various distractions by the 'stuff' of life I have completed and attach the synopsis of the history of my relation Robert Paul Snowdon b.1740 Ormesby.
   Many thanks for your offer of help.  Take care,
       ----------  Philip Bridge (London) ---------
WebMaster (29 Mar 2021):
   Thanks for sending the extra informtion.
   I can now add a request to our Appeal page to see if anyone has evidence of a link of the Ormesby Snowdon family to the Eston family which can be traced back to Elizabethan times.
   And I will also email our members to ask as well !

Snowdon’s Forge – Old Eston