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The Ghostly Monk in Eston Cemetery.
. . . . by P.Suggitt   sent 19th August 2011

 I was attending my baby sister's funeral at Eston cemetery early April 1965.  I was nine years old at the time.  Just a few months before this, my father had been buried there after passing away suddenly on Boxing day 1964.  My sister was being buried with my dad and during the service around the grave I turned and saw a monk watching the proceedings!
 My sister's initial funeral service had taken place in St Helen's church, which was situated within the cemetery, and the coffin was transported from the church to the grave on a very ornate, but small, carriage.
 I've often wondered if it was all in my imagination, but when talking with my older sister one day a few years ago about it she confirmed that I'd told her about seeing the 'monk'.  She recalled that she was planning to walk to her friends house in Eston rather than coming home with us to South Bank in the funeral car, but after hearing about the monk she decided to come home with the rest of us rather than risk walking alone through the cemetery!
 I was asked to write my reminiscence about St Helen's church after hearing it had been moved to Beamish, and decided to look on the internet to see if there were any sites about the church or the cemetery and was quite taken aback when I found the story of the alleged 'Ghostly Monk' who was buried within the grounds of the church.
 I don't recall feeling afraid, but comforted that he was there taking care of my dearly departed.  I still remember exactly where he was standing, and have visited the cemetery on many, many occasions, and attended many more funerals there over the years since the occurrence hoping to see him again but never have.
 Many people will probably not believe my story, but I know what I saw and have never forgotten my encounter with the Ghostly Monk of Eston Cemetery.
 I would be interested in hearing of anyone else who may have had similar experiences in the cemetery.
                 -------- P. Suggitt ---------
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