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The Normanby Local History Group

  The Normanby Local History Group is a non-profit making collection of people who are interested in keeping the rich history of this small area in the North East of England alive for future generations to enjoy.

What We Do

  We research and uncover: archive records, photographs, artefacts and living memories of everything that has created the community of Normanby that we live or have lived in.

  We produce publications  including calendars, postcards, prints and booklets on some fascinating subjects about Normanby including Spencer Hardwick's brilliant booklets on life growing up in Normanby gained from his 90 years of living here along with Eric Armstrong's booklet on The Poverina Pub, the Old Mill and Richardson's Brewery.

  We hold monthly meetings  as well as other events   including exhibitions of our work and collections usually at the Normanby Methodist Church.  Coach trips for our members are organised to visit museums, etc within a 90 minute drive from Normanby.
  Unfortunately (due to the coronavirus epidemic) we had to cancel all meetings and events until now.
  Now these have restarted you are very welcome to come along and see what we do.

Our Website

  This website is to act as an online magazine where new and interesting articles  on Normanby can be published and new material discovered with your help.

  You can add your memories of Normanby to our moderated Message Board  and we welcome any photographs that you may have and are willing to share with us.

  You can view other parts of our website by ’clicking’ on any underlined italics text which provide links to other pages.   These links turn pale-yellow when you move the cursor over them - then you can ’click’.   Start your exploration via the links in the main Menu bar at the top of each page.

Where We Are

  Normanby began as a small village in the North Riding of the county of Yorkshire. This county was succeeded (for Normanby) in 1968 by the county borough of Teesside which only lasted six years until 1974 when absorbed into the new county of Cleveland - itself abolished in 1996.
  So Normanby is now in the borough of Redcar & Cleveland     (within the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire).
  Nevertheless traditionalists consider Normanby still lies within the North Riding of Yorkshire.

Area We Cover

  The Normanby Local History Group covers the geographical area from the top of the Eston hills northwards to the river Tees foreshore at South Bank.   Spencer Beck forms the Western boundary, with Crossbeck forming the ancient Eastern boundary.   However we have extended our area of research eastwards to include Woodgarth and Old Eston.

Pic 04 Methodist chapel from turn of 20th Century

Last Update of Message Board: 30 April 2022

Most Recent Page Updates: - -

25 June 2022 - Events 
Great News ! Our Group’s 20th Anniversary Exhibition
  is to be held at our local Normanby Methodist Church
  on Saturday 9th July 2022 from 10am to 1pm.
        -- Free Entry ! --

11 May 2021 - Articles
New Article - Walter Severs 1932 - 2022
- A Tribute from Our Group
and Personal Memories & Tributes.

30 April 2022 - Appeals for Help
Does anyone remember the small pub in Normanby
- known as the "Brown Jug" ?

2 April 2022 - Articles - Update Follow Up
Article - Vehicle Licencing and Registration in Normanby
- based on 2017 Exhibition Display of research by
- Kester Marsh, a longstanding and valued member of our
- group who sadly passed away in February 2022.

28 January 2022 - Appeals for Help - Update
Normanby Fish Man -
- photo location identified by Sylvia Fairbrass.

20 February 2022 - Articles
New Article - Normanby Shops & Businesses
- photos of a moment in time (mid-2020)
- taken by Barbara & Harry Greenmon.

See all the Previous Page Updates.

  Map of GB showing North East of England       Map of NE England showing Normanby location Pic 05 Buxtons Store

Planned Events for 2022

Important Announcement!!
Normanby Local History Group is pleased to announce that its monthly meetings and some other events have now recommenced following their suspension due to Coronavirus.

Regular meetings will be held on 4th Wednesday of each month.
For more information see our Events  page.

Other planned events will be announced as they are organised.

Great News !!
Normanby Local History Group’s
    20th Anniversary Exhibition
         - Saturday 9th July 2022

  After two years of cancellation due to the Covid pandemic we are pleased to announce that our group will organise another of our free exhibitions at our local Normanby Methodist Church.
        For more information see our Events  page.

  For details of all previous events - see Past Events  page.

Bridge Cracked

Poster for 2022 Exhibition

Latest News and Articles

Latest Article!!
Walter Severs:
Sad News from Normanby Local History Group - 11 May 2022  

   It is with great sadness that we announce that Walter Severs, one of our group’s long-standing members, passed away on 7th April 2022 in his 90th year.  Walter was one of the seven founder members and the Secretary of our History Group when it was formed in 2002.
  Walter’s funeral took place on Tuesday 26th April at St.Bede’s Chapel, Teesside Crematorium.   It was so well attended that many had to stand outside the chapel to pay their respects.
               Rest in Peace Walter.

   A Tribute from our group has been added on Walter’s tremendous contribution to our group and community.
   See this new Article - Walter Severs
   There is also a section for any Personal Memories & Tributes that you may wish to submit.

Walter Severs with pet Milly

"Vehicle Licencing & Registration
      in Normanby Area: A Brief History"
- 22 Mar 2022   

   This article is based on the work done by Kester Marsh, one of our group’s longstanding and valued members, for a display at the 2017 exhibition held by our group.
George Scoby Smith in DC 1 Locomobile by the Bay Horse    As Kester said in his display it was a work-in-progress with further research intended to provide yet more information.

   So publication of this Article on our website was delayed in anticipation of further additions.
   Sadly Kester passsed away recently (February 2022) so it was decided to publish the Article now as a record of Kester’s work on this subject.

    Please see Kester’s research in his Article .

Recent Article!!
"Normanby Shops & Businesses in 2020"
- 20 Feb 2022   

  This Article enables the display of a large set of photographs taken by group members Barbara & Harry Greenmon of shops & businesses in Normanby in mid-2020 during the covid pandemic.
Normanby Shops & Businesses in 2020 - D&E Lloyd Locksmiths

  This group of photos provide a snap-shot of one moment in the story of our village of Normanby.

    Please enjoy having a look at these photos - see our local shops and businesses in this Article .

Normanby Shops & Businesses in 2020 - High Street

"Memories of Normanby Methodist Boy Scouts"
- 25 Oct 2021   

     Colin Stewart sent a Message to our website with his memories of his time in the Normanby Methodist Scouts group.
   Many lads growing up in Normanby will have joined the local scouts.
   So this new Article  was created to record, show and publicise memories of those who were boy scouts in the Normanby Group.
   Initially it contains Colin Stewart’s memory plus some photos from our archives.
   It is a work-in-progress - dependent on contributions from our members and from readers of this website - so please help.

  It would be wonderful to be able to share
any stories and photos you have -
- so please Contact  us
(with Subject as Normanby Boy Scouts Memories )
with your stories and offers of photos.

Normanby Boy Scouts Anniversary

Latest booklet!!
"History of St.Helen’s Church
        Registers & Cemetery" - 11 May 2021  

  This is the third book by Sylvia Fairbrass to be published by our group based on her many years of research whilst a keen and active member of our history group.
  This comprehensive work includes a history of the church as well as details of the parish registers and cemetery illustrated with many photographs, maps, transcripts and newspaper articles.
  This is the eleventh booklet to be published by our group & is in colour with 76 pages.

See our Publications  page for more details & availability.

Picture Of Sylvia Fairbrass's 3rd Booklet

Tom Towers:
Sad News from Normanby Local History Group - 2 March 2021  

  It is with great sadness that we announce that Tom Towers, our group’s Honorary President and former Chairman, passed away suddenly on 29th January at his home in Normanby.
  Tom’s funeral took place at 1:15 pm on Wednesday 24th February at Normanby Methodist Church followed by cremation at Kirkleatham Crematorium.
  Due to Covid restrictions the service in the Church was for family only.
  A good few friends (and group members) paid their respects outside the Church, keeping social distancing in mind.
               Rest in Peace Tom.

  Tom’s family were happy to allow his funeral service to be streamed via Zoom. This virtual "Meeting" was opened a few mins before the service was due to start and enabled some 20 people to attend the service "virtually".
  The minister has kindly provided a recording of the service that is now available on this website via our video  page.

   A Tribute from our group has been added on Tom’s tremendous contribution to our group and community.
   See this new Article - Tom Towers
   There is also a section for any Personal Memories & Tributes that you may wish to submit.

Previous News & Articles

  All those prior to 2021 have been moved to separate pages so as to keep this home page more timely.

See Previous News & Articles from 2011 to 2020.

St.Helen's Vestry rebuild at Beamish