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The Normanby Local History Group

  The Normanby Local History Group is a non-profit making collection of people who are interested in keeping the rich history of this small area in the North East of England alive for future generations to enjoy.

What We Do

  We research and uncover: archive records, photographs, artefacts and living memories of everything that has created the community of Normanby that we live or have lived in.

  We produce publications  including calendars, postcards, prints and booklets on some fascinating subjects about Normanby including Spencer Hardwick's brilliant booklets on life growing up in Normanby gained from his 90 years of living here along with Eric Armstrong's booklet on The Poverina Pub, the Old Mill and Richardson's Brewery.

  We normally hold monthly meetings  as well as other events   including exhibitions of our work and collections usually at the Normanby Methodist Church.  Coach trips for our members are organised to visit museums, etc within a 90 minute drive from Normanby.
  Unfortunately (due to the coronavirus epidemic) we have had to cancel all future meetings and events for now.
  When these are restarted you are very welcome to come along and see what we do.

Our Website

  This website is to act as an online magazine where new and interesting articles  on Normanby can be published and new material discovered with your help.

  You can add your memories of Normanby to our moderated Message Board  and we welcome any photographs that you may have and are willing to share with us.

  You can view other parts of our website by ’clicking’ on any underlined italics text which provide links to other pages.   These links turn pale-yellow when you move the cursor over them - then you can ’click’.   Start your exploration via the links in the main Menu bar at the top of each page.

Where We Are

  Normanby began as a small village in the North Riding of the county of Yorkshire. This county was succeeded (for Normanby) in 1968 by the county borough of Teesside which only lasted six years until 1974 when absorbed into the new county of Cleveland - itself abolished in 1996.
  So Normanby is now in the borough of Redcar & Cleveland     (within the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire).
  Nevertheless traditionalists consider Normanby still lies within the North Riding of Yorkshire.

Area We Cover

  The Normanby Local History Group covers the geographical area from the top of the Eston hills northwards to the river Tees foreshore at South Bank.   Spencer Beck forms the Western boundary, with Crossbeck forming the ancient Eastern boundary.   However we have extended our area of research eastwards to include Woodgarth and Old Eston.

Pic 04 Methodist chapel from turn of 20th Century

Last Update of Message Board: 10 Apr 2019

Most Recent Page Updates: - -

16 August 2020 - Articles - Update
Eston Grammar School 1963 Year Book of photographs
- of staff & each class with names. Updates since March 2020:
- names in Classes L, M, Q, R, S, T, V, W & 4.

27 July 2020 - Articles
New Article - Poem by Kenny Surtees:
- "The Folk & Places in Normanby, Middlesbrough"
Do have a read - you may be mentioned!

15 May 2020 - Articles - Update
New Article - Memories of VE-Day 8 May 1945
- opportunity to record your stories of that momentous day
- please contribute to this Work-in-Progress.

18 March 2020 - Latest News & Events
Regrettably all of our group events and meetings are
cancelled for now due to the coronavirus epidemic.

7 February 2020 - Latest News
Meeting to form Friends of Eston Cemetery group -
- 6pm on Tuesday 18th February 2020.
- at St Andrew’s Church Hall on Fabian Road.

See all the Previous Page Updates.

  Map of GB showing North East of England       Map of NE England showing Normanby location Pic 05 Buxtons Store

Planned Events for 2020

It is with great regret that (due to the Coronavirus Epidemic)
for the foreseeable future we have had to cancel all future
meetings of our group as well as our Annual Exhibition and
our Annual Group Outing.

For more information see our Events  page.

  For details of all previous events - see Past Events  page.

Bridge Cracked

Latest News and Articles

New Article !!

"The Folk & Places in Normanby, Middlesbrough"
         - a Poem by Kenny Surtees
- 27 July 2020  

  Kenny Surtees from Jubilees Card Shop writes poetry and copious letters to the Gazette. This is one of his poems which was published in the Gazette minus a few verses. This is the full version which was written during lockdown. He has kindly given us permission to put it on our website.

  Do read Kenny’s Poem - you may be mentioned!

Ken Surtees outside Jubilees

"Memories of VE-Day -
         - Victory in Europe 8 May 1945"
- 1 May 2020  

     8th May 2020 marked the 75th Anniversary of the ending of the war in Europe and was to be marked nationally in many ways.
  Regretably the pandemic situation meant that most of these events (including our local one) could not be held.
  Many families will have members who endured the war and this is an occasion to appreciate what their efforts have meant to this current generation.
  It is also an opportunity for those who have memories of VE-Day to share their joys (and sorrows) with others.

  So this new Article  is an attempt to record, show and publicise memories of that time from those who have or had associations with Normanby - wherever you were at that time.

  It is a work-in-progress - dependent on contributions from our members and from readers of this website - so please help.

  It would be wonderful to be able to share
any stories and photos you have -
- so please Contact  us (with Subject as VE-Day Memories )
with your stories and offers of photos.

   Cancellation of Meetings & Events
     for the foreseeable Future - 18 March 2020  

It is with great regret that (due to the Coronavirus Epidemic)
for the foreseeable future we have had to cancel all future
meetings of our group as well as our Annual Exhibition and
our Annual Group Outing.

Normanby Methodist Church where we normally meet has been closed till further Notice.  The Easter Fair has been cancelled along with church services and all activities in the Church.

We will announce details of the resumption of our group’s activities as soon as this has been agreed
    - hopefully later in the year.

        Meanwhile this could be an opportunity for our members and website visitors (who may have more spare time than originally envisaged!) to start writing up those stories they have been meaning to write for years.
  Or dust down your photo albums, etc and write up or finish your research for future use.
  Our group’s transcription team are already working from home, so will not be attending the Archives as usual.

  Now is the time to have a good read of all the information we have put on our website - there is much more than you think!
  So - enjoy it and perhaps add to it by answering the many questions posed.

You can communicate with us via this contact page

VE-Day Victory in Europe Celebrations
   on Friday 8th May 2020 - 27 February 2020  

  But it is intended to hold the celebrations later in the year or whenever it becomes possible.

  Organiser Christopher Gallacher had sent us the following:-
  "8th May 2020 marks the 75th Anniversary of the ending of the war in Europe and will be marked nationally in many ways.
  We have planned an event centred on the Woodland Centre Woodland Centre, Flatts Lane, Normanby as the venue for our celebrations and remembrance of that day, the cessation of hostilities in Europe.
  Many families will have members who endured the war and this is an occasion to appreciate what their efforts have meant to this current generation.
  Sign-posted car parking will be available in the NHS Office facility across the road from the Woodland Centre.
  It is free to come along and the organisers would appreciate your attendance in costumes of the period individually or collectively to recall those days.
  We will have games and entertainment for all so come and have a day out in the fresh air.
  I hope many of you come along and have some fun.
  As with all these events, there is a need for volunteers to support the day - so if you can help please get in touch via
    this contact page (with Subject as VE Day Volunteers)."

[Click on image opposite for a larger display of the poster]

Meeting at 6pm on Tuesday 18th February 2020
  to form "Friends of Eston Cemetery" Group - 7 February 2020  

  A meeting to gauge support to start a new group called
"Friends of Eston Cemetery" has been arranged for 6pm Tuesday 18th February at St Andrew’s Church Hall on Fabian Road.
  The preservation and promotion of the local history and heritage that is in the cemetery is a very important part of what a Friends group should strive to do.  [notification from Vince Smith]

[Click on image opposite for a larger display]

For information on the Cemetery
see our Normanby History Group’s article:
St Helen’s Churchyard and
Eston & Normanby Cemetery

Previous News & Articles

  All those prior to 2020 have been moved to separate pages so as to keep this home page more timely.

See Previous News & Articles from 2011 to 2019.

St.Helen's Vestry rebuild at Beamish