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Eston Grammar School 1963 - Photo J - 5th Form 5C

Eston Grammar School 1963 Yearbook Photo J
This photograph from EGS 1963 Year Book © 2018 Normanby LHG (copyright holder of original not found)

Teacher: Mr John Michael Sykes
Names of known pupils (left to right) -
Back (3rd) Row:
1.??? Parson   2.??? Todd   3.Stuart Paterson   4.Michael Henderson   5.Tony or Alan? Simpson
6.Roy Algie   7.Barry Lillystone   8.Tom Hartness   9.Alan Smaling
Middle (2nd) Row:
1.Jennifer Wagner   2.Andrew Coxon   3.John Sugden   4.Leslie Clarke   5.Peter Graham
6.Peter Jackson   7.John Mainwaring-Taylor   8.??? Cooper   9.Raymond Husband   10.Susan Coleman
Front (1st) Row:
1.Pamela Hardy   2.Annita Watson   3.Dorothy Harrison   4.Annette Campbell?   5.Mr John Michael Sykes (teacher)
6.Margaret Jackson   7.Sheila Rodgers   8.Valerie Kennedy   9.Pamela Jones

23 Sep 2018 - Cecilia Jones (F-8 Photo M & F-2 Photo 1) provided teachers full-name and said:-
"Mr Sykes came from West Riding of Yorkshire and EGS was his first teaching post.
He and his wife Hazel lived in Spencer Rd."
28 Sep 2018 - Alan Henderson (M-4 Photo L) provided 1 new name B-8 Tom Hartness.
  5 Mar 2019 - Ian Ford (M-4 Photo H) provided 15 new names:-
(B-3 Stuart Paterson, B-5 Tony Simpson, M-1 Jennifer Wagner, M-4 Leslie Clarke, M-6 Peter Jackson?,
M-7 John Mainwaring Taylor, M-9 Raymond Husband, M-10 Susan Coleman?,
F-1 Pamela Hardy, F-2 Annita Watson, F-4 Annette Campbell?, F-6 Margaret Jackson,
F-7 Sheila Rodgers, F-8 Valerie Kennedy, F-9 Pamela Jones)
Ian said:-
"I believe that Valerie Kennedy (F-8 above) was the daughter of the School Secretary (F-1 Photo B)."
  1 Jun 2019 - John Sugden (M-3 above) provided 10 new names & confirmed* 9 names:-
(B-1* ??? Parson, B-2* ??? Todd, B-3 Stuart Patterson, B-4 Michael Henderson, B-5 Alan (not Tony) Simpson,
B-6* Roy Algie, B-7* Barry Lillystone, B-8 Tom Hartness, B-9* Alan Smaling,
M-1 Jennifer Wagner, M-2* Andrew Coxon, M-3* John Sugden, M-4 Les Clarke, M-5* Peter Graham, M-6 Peter Jackson,
M-7 John Mainwaring-Taylor, M-8* ??? Cooper, M-9 Raymond Husband, M-10 Susan Coleman)
John said:-
"Photographs F to J are of the 4 fifth forms being respectively 5T, 5J, 5F and 5C.
Form 5T is boys only because it had transferred from the former technical school which was boys only.
I was in form 5C and can give you some of the missing names.  In a few cases I cannot remember the Christian names
because in those days schoolboys were more likely to use nicknames."

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