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Eston Grammar School 1963 - Photo O - Class 4A

Eston Grammar School 1963 Yearbook Photo O
This photograph from EGS 1963 Year Book © 2018 Normanby LHG (copyright holder of original not found)

Teacher: Mr. Moralee?
Names of known pupils (left to right) -
Back (3rd) Row:
1.Michael Exley   2.Graham Manser   3.John Barker   4.John Wyman   5.---???---   6.Alan Hickman
7.Michael ? Gelderd   8.---???---   9.NOT Julian Dye??   10.John Longstaff   11.Michael (not Maurice?) Trattles
Middle (2nd) Row:
1.---???---   2.---???---   3.Kevin Bulmer   4.David Taylor   5.Peter Metcalfe
6.Lionel Preston   7.Norman ???   8.---???---   9.Linda Trainor   10.---???---
Front (1st) Row:
1.---???---   2.---???---   3.---???---   4.---???---   5.Pamela Gray
6.Mr. Moralee? (teacher)   7.---???---   8.---???---   9.---???---   10.---???---   11.---???---

20 Feb 2018 - Alan Pengilley (M-1 Photo U) provided teacher’s name as possibly Mr. Moralee?
17 Aug 2018 - Lionel Preston (6th in middle row) provided 9 names:-
(B-4 John Wyman, B-6 Alan Hickman, B-9 Julian Dye?,
M-3 Kevin Bulmer, M-4 Alan or David? Taylor, M-6 Lionel Preston, M-7 Norman ???, M-9 Linda Trainor,
F-5 Pamela Gray)
Lionel also said:-
"I can’t be 100% sure of some of these names but it is what comes to mind.
Stewart Jackson is missing and I would recognise him as he was my best man. [see M-2 Photo P]
I’m 69 years old and live in Cambridge so the others are of similar vintage and possibly scattered around the country.
Or overseas - I was in Australia for 17 years and Papua New Guinea for a time."
30 Aug 2018 - Keith Thompson (B-3 in Photo N) provided 7 new names (& corrected 2):-
(B-1 Michsel Exley, B-2 Graham Manser, B-3 John Barker, B-7 Michael ? Gelderd,
B-9 NOT Julien Dye [as he is in Photo P B-10], B-10 John Longstaff, B-11 Maurice Trattles,
M-4 IS DAVID Taylor, M-5 Peter Metcalfe)
18 Sep 2018 - Linda Helman (nee Motson F-11 Photo P) said:-
"I’m pretty sure B-11 is Michael not Maurice Trattles. He and I both went to Princess Street Junior school."

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