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St Helens Church Cemetery

   The original churchyard of St.Helen's eventually became inadequate for the needs of the rapidly growing population of the district.   So the original churchyard was incorporated into a much larger Eston & Normanby Cemetery.   This was formed and laid out in 1863 and enlarged in 1882.
   Nearly 100 known casualties of two world wars are recorded on monuments here, including a Victoria Cross holder and local footballer killed in 1916.

Eston Cemetery Plan
Eston Cemetery Plan

Monumental Inscriptions in Saint Helen's Church Cemetery, Eston (Normanby)

  Entry No 27

  "Sacred to the memory of Consett DRYDEN of Normanby House who died March 2nd 1869 aged 77 years.   And Ann his wife who died March 9th 1838 aged 43 years.   Also of the Rev William Pennyman CONSETT who died March 10th 1800 aged 76 years.   And Elizabeth his wife who died March 20th 1776 aged 53 years.   Also their daughter Anna who died February 14th 1791 aged 37years and Elizabeth who died November 20th 1828 aged 75 years.     Foot stones - CD 1869 AD1838"

  Entry No. 62

  "[Freemason symbol]   Elizabeth wife of Benjamin TAYLOR died October 10th 1858 aged 70 years.   Also the above named Benjamin TAYLOR died March 11th 1859 aged 60 years.   Elizabeth wife of John LISTER and daughter of the above died October 11th 1862 aged 36 years.   Benjamin Taylor LISTER son of Elizabeth LISTER died in Australia June 21st 1883 aged 33 years."     [see Taylor Family Monument image below]

  Entry No 89

  "Erected by Rev. W. Ward JACKSON, M.A., in memory of John SPOFFORTH a faithful servant of his Master, W. Ward JACKSON, Esq., Normanby Hall.   Interred September 9th 1842.   Seven yards west of this stone lie the remains of Isabella Jane DARLINGTON faithful servant of W. Ward JACKSON.   Died 1871."

  Entry No. 92

  "Erected in memory of John LAVERICK died January 12th 1828 aged 86 years.   Also Dorothy his wife died November 8th 1829 aged 81 years.   Also Dorothy their daughter who died February 2nd 1806 aged 15 years.   Also Margaret wife of William LAVERICK died May 5th 1833 aged 54 years.   Also of William LAVERICK who departed this life September 19th 1862 aged 79 years.   'When I was in trouble I called upon the Lord and He heard me' "

Eston Cemetery Monuments

The Evans Grade 2 Listed Monument
Evans Grade 2 Listed Monument 2

Evans Grade 2 Listed Monument 3
"In loving memory of Jane Evans wife of David Evans
of Cleveland House, Grangetown, and Cliffden, Saltburn by the Sea.
Born 3rd January 1844   Died 18th September 1902
Also of the above David Evans   born 17th October   1839 Died 8th August 1905"
[Author: more research required]

Taylor Family Monument
Monument Taylor
"Elizabeth wife of Benjamin TAYLOR died October 10th 1858 aged 70 years.
Also the above named Benjamin TAYLOR died March 11th 1859 aged 60 years.
Elizabeth wife of John LISTER and daughter of the above died October 11th 1862 aged 36 years.
Benjamin Taylor LISTER son of Elizabeth LISTER died in Australia June 21st 1883 aged 33 years"

Cold Knuckles Farm 1880
Monument Cold Knuckles Farm 1880

William Frankland of Forest Farm South Bank 1875
Monument Frankland 1875

Joseph Thompson of Normanby 1891
Monument Thompson 1891
"Ann the beloved wife of Joseph Thompson of Normanby who died 2nd May 1891 age 74
and Joseph who died 9th November 1900 age 89.
Also their son Robert Thompson who died at South Bank 4th October 1892 aged 31."
The smaller headstone is for Catherine the second wife of Joseph Thompson who died 4th December age 79.

Headstone of Stephen Busfield - A Tragic Death in 1890
  This headstone lies just off the North side of the main path in Eston Cemetery.
  His death on 3rd May 1890 was caused by a works accident while he prayed during the breakfast half-hour.
Monument Busfield Front
"In loving memory of Stephen H. Busfield
The beloved son of Jonathan & Martha Busfield of Grangetown,
who died May 4th 1890, aged 14 years."
"His death was caused by an accident which happened
to him while engaged in prayer during the breakfast half hour of May 3rd 1890
and this stone was erected by public subscription, as
a token of regard & sympathy and in . . . . . . . . of his . . . . . . . Duty."

Monument Busfield Left Side Monument Busfield Right Side

             Left side inscription Right side inscription             

Busfield Newspaper Article 1
North Eastern Daily Gazette 5th May 1890

Busfield Newspaper Article 2
North Eastern Daily Gazette 6th May 1890

The New Mortuary Chapel in the Cemetery 1881

SOUTH BANK ADVERTISER May 28th 1881 [found by Joan Outhwaite].

"The mortuary which has just been erected by builder John Atkinson of Normanby Road, on the North Side of the Dissenter Chapel, was used for the first time in connection with a funeral last Sunday afternoon, and appeared to suit the purpose for which it was intended viz: - Sanitary one, by keeping the air in the Chapel free from any smell that might emanate from the coffin while resting there during the reading of the burial service."

[The Dissenter (ie Non-Conformist) Chapel was located just to the west of St.Helen’s Church.]

Eston and Normanby Burial Board - Newspaper Articles

The board met once a month to discuss business concerning Eston Cemetery such as:
   - Death rate
   - Extension to the cemetery
   - Costs
   - Plans for drainage of cemetery ground.

Burial Board Newspaper Articles 1
[Need more readable version of above image]

12 Acre Extension and Drainage into Holmebeck
Burial Board Newspaper Articles 2
May 1893

Polution Worries Over Drainage
Burial Board Newspaper Articles 3

Scarlet & Typhoid Fever & Small Pox
Burial Board Newspaper Articles 4
North Country News 1898

Purchase of Extra Land from Lady Hewley's Trust
Burial Board Newspaper Articles 5
September 18??

Masons Working without Sanction
Burial Board Newspaper Articles 6

Proposed Change of Burial Laws
Burial Board Newspaper Articles 7
December 1892 / January 1893

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