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Article based on the researches of Sylvia Fairbrass into the Parish Registers of Saint Helen’s Church
and of its churchyard which was extended to form the Eston & Normanby Cemetery.
This information was augmented with associated research by Sylvia.

The article features
Names appearing in Registers 1590-1595
Transcript of Marriages in Registers 1590 to 1837
Page examples from Registers
Cemetery Monuments & Inscriptions
and associated research

Researched by Sylvia Fairbrass   July 2013

© 2013 Sylvia Fairbrass   Normanby Local History Group


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Saint Helen's Church and Eston & Normanby Cemetery

Saint Helens Church and Cemetery
   Saint Helen's Church started life as a 12th century Chapel of Ease within the parish of Ormesby, and received its own priest in 1545.   The Nave was completely rebuilt in 1822.   Three additional acres of land were purchased in 1861 for £240 to enlarge the church yard.   It became a parish church in 1868 until 1884 when Christ Church was built.   It then became a cemetery chapel.

Saint Helens Church 1901

  This early 1900s photo shows Saint Helen's Church with the East Cemetery Lodge in the left background.   The Jackson family grave is in the right middle foreground.

Saint Helens Church Boarded Up 1990

  This 1990s photo shows Saint Helen's Church boarded up as belated protection from the vandals who had also damaged the Jackson family grave in the foreground.   After several fires this grade II listed church was dismantled in 1998 with some interesting finds.   The numbered stones were moved and stored at Beamish Open Air Museum.

Saint Helens Church and Cemetery

Saint Helens Church Rebuilding May 2012

  The rescued remnants were stored for over 10 years until 2011 when Beamish Open Air Museum began rebuilding Saint Helen's Church in the 1822 Georgian Style.
   (photo & above drawing © Beamish Open Air Museum)

Saint Helens Church Rebuilt August 2012

  Good progress was made and by August 2012 the main fabric had been completed and made secure before the winter weather.    When funding has been raised the interior of the church will be restored with a recovered font, box pews & bells.

Eston Cemetery Lodge
  The firm C.G. Bennett and Sons, Undertakers and Funeral Carriage Masters, based on Normanby Road, South Bank are proudly shown outside West Lodge at the entrance to the cemetery.   Richard Bean son of Alice Bean was born in the lodge in c1890 and can be seen standing next to the first coach.   The reverse of this post card belonging to Ann Rudge states, "Up to date glass hearses, morning coaches and a stud of black horses.   Bennett's is a guarantee of the superior, highly finished and cheap work which they turn out."   The flower bed pre-dates the present memorial erected in 1920.

Evans Monument

                   The Evan's Monument which is also listed.

Google Maps API St Helens Church

  The location of St.Helen’s Church and Eston & Normanby Cemetery shown on a present day Google Map at "H".

  The location of Christchurch, the new church that replaced Saint Helen’s as the Eston & Normanby Parish Church in 1884, is shown at "C".

Normanby Map pre-1945


  The location of St.Helen’s Church and Eston & Normanby Cemetery shown to the north of Normanby village on the top edge of a pre-1945 map.

St Helens Parish Ministers

© 2013 Sylvia Fairbrass   Normanby Local History Group

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Saint Helen’s Parish Church Registers 1590-1837