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     Information about the heads of Normanby households has been extracted from the 1891 census and used to create a database which is used to produce various record listings.

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Catherine Bowden (age 59) of No.7 Laird St -- born: Sithney, Cornwall
Eliza Coupe (age 45) of No.23 Lambton St -- born: South Witham, Lincolnshire
Elizabeth Dickinson (age 42) of No.16 Lambton St -- born: Skegness, Lincolnshire
Francis Fleming (age 61) of No.33 Cleveland St -- born: Brough Sowerby, Westmorland
Mary Freethy (age 39) of No.55 West St -- born: St Erth, Cornwall
Elizabeth A Hunt (age 44) of No.21 Cleveland St -- born: Lincolnshire
Jane Merrifield (age 33) of No.60 Lambton St -- born: Cornwall
Mary A Reap (age 33) of No.39 Cleveland St -- born: Skelton, Yorkshire
Mary Ann Wilson (age 42) of No.1 Parrington St -- born: Sedgefield, Durham

Alan Harker (age 46) of No.14 ? Missing No., High St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire

Ag Lab
William Hornsby (age 47) of No.9 Cleveland St -- born: Long Newton, Durham
Richard Raine (age 69) of No.16 Parrington St -- born: Stainton, Yorkshire
John Smith (age 39) of No.18 Parrington St -- born: Boston, Lincolnshire

Assistant Overseer
Robert Franks (age 52) of No.10 Parrington St -- born: Byland, Yorkshire

Assurance Agent
Charles Partridge (age 52) of No.41 West St -- born: Bodney, Norfolk

Thomas Taylor (age 22) of No.4 High St -- born: Normanby, Yorkshire
William J Thomas (age 34) of No.3 The Square -- born: Camborne, Cornwall
John H Wright (age 33) of No.39 West St -- born: Binbrook, Lincolnshire

Blacksmith and Corngrinder
Horatio Taylor (age 41) of Normanby Mill, Cleveland St -- born: Lincolnshire

Blacksmiths Striker
Thomas H Pluck (age 27) of No.37 Lambton St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire

Boiler Smith
Herbert Spencer (age 41) of No.35 High St -- born: Netherton, Worcestershire

Kelham Waterfield (age 49) of No.8 High St -- born: Derby, Derbyshire

Boilersmith Labourer
Enoch Joynes (age 62) of West Lodge, -- born: Fazeley, Staffordshire

Brick Burner
Edward Taylor (age 28) of No.26 Lambton St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire

Brick Manufacturer
Ralph T Hughes (age 26) of No.9 High St -- born: Isle of Wight, Hampshire

Brick Setter
William Bowes (age 34) of No.1 Cottage, Brick Yard -- born: Marton, Yorkshire

Thomas Fawcett (age 35) of No.17 West St -- born: Ormesby, Yorkshire
John M Radge (age 36) of No.61 Lambton St -- born: Redcar, Yorkshire
Henry Rodgers (age 63) of No.3 Cleveland St -- born: Moreton Pinkney, Northamptonshire

John Horner (age 36) of No.19 Lambton St -- born: Leeds, Yorkshire

Check Weighman
James Hermiston (age 42) of No.43 Lambton St -- born: Scotland

Thomas Lodge (age 46) of No.23 Cleveland St -- born: Willersy, Cheshire

Charles W Davison (age 21) of No.35 High St -- born: Lazenby, Yorkshire

Clerk in Ironworks
Robert H Smith (age 30) of No.65 Lambton St -- born: South Bank, Yorkshire

Clerk in Mines Office
John Blackburn (age 33) of No.3 West St -- born: Lackenby, Yorkshire

Clerk in Steel Works
W Tillson (age 25) of No.11 West St -- born: Lyth, Yorkshire

Frederick Prole (age 40) of Coachmans House, -- born: St Andrews, Somerset

Coal Dealer
Samuel Orwell (age 78) of No.7 West St -- born: Devonshire
Thomas Sheer (age 18) of No.19 West St -- born: Crediton, Devonshire

Coal Depot Agent
Robert Ward (age 30) of No.1 Corners Cottages -- born: Harlston, Norfolk

Collector Local Board
Henry R Leggett (age 65) of Belle Vue House, -- born: Little Hampton, Sussex

Harrison Boyes (age 60) of No.35 Cleveland St -- born: Guisborough, Yorkshire

Decorator, Sign Writer
John D Westgarth (age 43) of No.7 High St -- born: York, Yorkshire

Deputy in Ironstone Mines
Christopher Dale (age 41) of No.53 West St -- born: Dalton, Yorkshire
Alfred Hardiman (age 37) of No.33 West St -- born: Bunwell, Norfolk
Elijah Leggett (age 28) of No.57 West St -- born: Normanby, Yorkshire
Samuel Shawn (age 68) of No.3 Mason St -- born: Cheshire

Deputy Overman in Mines
David Codd (age 55) of No.45 West St -- born: Oldpen Lane, Lincolnshire

Draper's Assistant
Henry Bean (age 22) of No.10 High St -- born: Yorkshire

Agnes Brighton (age 32) of No.31 Cleveland St -- born: Normanby, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Fawcett (age 31) of No.5 Cleveland St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire

Driver in mines
Robert Bennett (age 21) of No.21 West St -- born: Exelby, Yorkshire

Employed as Cartman
James Hornsby (age 52) of No.16 Cleveland St -- born: Dent, Yorkshire

Engine Tender
John Priestnall (age 51) of No.6 Parrington St -- born: Glossop, Derbyshire

Engineman Stationary
Joseph Carter (age 28) of No.13 Cleveland St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire

Estate Woodman
Joseph Holm (age 63) of No.41 High St -- born: Bilsdale North, Yorkshire
William Lynas (age 39) of No.37 High St -- born: Potto, Yorkshire

Farm Labourer
William Mellanby (age 33) of No.79 West St -- born: Durham, Durham

Farm Manager
James Clark (age 27) of High farm, -- born: Ormesby, Yorkshire

William Buttery (age 49) of West Farm, -- born: Grosmont, Yorkshire
David Hanham (age 37) of Field House Farm, -- born: Blanford, Dorsetshire
John Johnson (age 50) of East Farm, -- born: Pickering, Yorkshire

Farmer and Min Water Mfg
John Richardson (age 48) of Brewery, Cleveland St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire

Foreman Glazer
Thomas Richardson (age 32) of Hughe's Brick Yard Cottage -- born: Winlaton, Durham

George Thompson (age 33) of Gate Lodge, -- born: Westbury, Wiltshire

Thomas Bearcroft (age 61) of No.26 High St -- born: Westerdale, Yorkshire
Charles A Raven (age 26) of Gardeners House, -- born: Upper Norwood, Surrey

Gardener Domestic Servant
Thomas Cuthbert (age 60) of No.39 High St -- born: Stockton, Durham

Gardener Manager
Joseph Bean (age 40) of No.missing, Cleveland St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire

Gardener- Domestic
John Coleman (age 67) of No.67 West St -- born: Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire

John Smith (age 69) of No.3 Parrington St -- born: Surrey

General Dealer
John L King (age 27) of No.27 High St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire

General Labourer
James Bacon (age 45) of No.27 West St -- born: Sutton, Lincolnshire
Coulson Bean (age 64) of No.38 High St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire
James Bean (age 21) of No.39 Lambton St -- born: Normanby, Yorkshire
Thomas Doraston (age 54) of No.34 Lambton St -- born: Shropshire
John Fines (age 69) of No.33 High St -- born: Coningsby, Lincolnshire
Patrick Foster (age 36) of No.13 Lambton St -- born: Ireland
John Grayson (age 71) of No.73 West St -- born: Rillington, Yorkshire
John H Handson (age 69) of No.37 West St -- born: West Witton, Yorkshire
Thomas Hemsley (age 52) of No.67 Lambton St -- born: Snape, Yorkshire
Samuel Holmes (age 42) of No.12 Lambton St -- born: Suffolk
Edward Patterson (age 68) of No.40 Cleveland St -- born: Norfolk
John Richardson (age 58) of No.15 West St -- born: Kirklevington, Yorkshire
Thomas Rudd (age 27) of No.11 Lambton St -- born: Busby, Yorkshire
James Tierney (age 39) of No.43 High St -- born: Mayo, Ireland

General Servant - Domestic
Ann Forster (age 57) of 1 Old Hall Cottage, -- born: Belmont, Durham

Grave Digger
John Smithson (age 51) of No.30 High St -- born: Lillings Ambro, Yorkshire

William Phillips (age 64) of No.59 West St -- born: Lymington, Hampshire
Robert Temple (age 43) of No.81 West St -- born: Coningsby, Lincolnshire

John Cheney (age 47) of No.17 Lambton St -- born: Mold, Flintshire
William Davies (age 63) of No.11 The Square -- born: Hitchen, Hertfordshire
Alexander Lunn (age 37) of No.2 Cleveland St -- born: Scotland
James Stranger (age 68) of No.19 High St -- born: Swainby, Yorkshire
Mary J Taylor (age 64) of No.1 West St -- born: Stokesley, Yorkshire

Grocer and Sub Post Master
William Taylor (age 60) of No.23 High St -- born: Little Asby, Westmorland

Grocers Manager
Thomas McHard (age 44) of No.29 Cleveland St -- born: Carlisle, Cumberland

Dorothy Pybus (age 35) of No.15 Parrington St -- born: Fearby Cross, Yorkshire

Inn Keeper
Thomas Fleming (age 55) of Lambton Arms, Lambton St -- born: Ormside, Westmorland
Michael Hobson (age 52) of Cleveland Inn, Cleveland St -- born: Thornaby, Yorkshire

Inn Keeper and Milk Dealer
Mary Wilson (age 42) of Poverina, High St -- born: Bedale, Yorkshire

Ironstone Miner
John Atkinson (age 35) of No.14 Lambton St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire
John Bailey (age 30) of No.28 Lambton St -- born: Sleaford, Lincolnshire
Charles Bains (age 41) of No.21 Lambton St -- born: Binbrook, Lincolnshire
Henry Bains (age 28) of No.32 Lambton St -- born: Binbrook, Lincolnshire
William Barthram (age 38) of No.43 West St -- born: Pickering, Yorkshire
Charles R Bass (age 37) of No.8 Bulmers Row -- born: Richmond, Surrey
John Bennett (age 42) of No.63 West St -- born: Bodmin, Cornwall
Samuel Best (age 32) of No.1 Normanby Road -- born: Marton, Yorkshire
Frederick Brocklesby (age 39) of No.18 Bulmers Row -- born: Sturton, Nottinghamshire
Thomas Carter (age 51) of No.10 Lambton St -- born: Portsmouth, Hampshire
George Childerhouse (age 38) of No.11 High St -- born: Windom, Norfolk
Samuel Clark (age 68) of No.7 Mason St -- born: Fulstow, Lincolnshire
William Crane (age 43) of No.23 West St -- born: Manchester, Lancashire
Thomas Donaldson (age 32) of No.10 Bulmers Row -- born: Lackenby, Yorkshire
William Donaldson (age 37) of No.12 Bulmers Row -- born: Lackenby, Yorkshire
John Emmerson (age 23) of No.49 West St -- born: Weardale, Durham
Samson Godsmark (age 67) of No.28 High St -- born: Cookfield, Sussex
John T Hare (age 43) of No.58 Lambton St -- born: Deeping St James, Lincolnshire
William Harrison (age 50) of No.17 Cleveland St -- born: Yorkshire
John Hodgson (age 34) of No.8 Cleveland St -- born: Bugthorpe, Yorkshire
Thomas Hunt (age 24) of No.49 West St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire
James Markham (age 32) of No.18 Lambton St -- born: Peasonhall, Suffolk
Enoch Mason (age 60) of No.25 West St -- born: Bisley, Gloucestershire
James Miller (age 55) of No.66 Lambton St -- born: Littlebeck, Yorkshire
Samuel Morrell (age 38) of No.62 Lambton St -- born: Roecliffe, Yorkshire
Pearce Nicholas (age 58) of No.1 Patton St -- born: Cornwall
Adam Ovaster (age 42) of No.31 West St -- born: Emneth, Norfolk
John Phillips (age 58) of No.69 West St -- born: Monmouth, Monmouth
Francis Rix (age 27) of No.30 Lambton St -- born: Sleaford, Lincolnshire
John Southcott (age 29) of No.6 Bulmers Row -- born: Walkhampton, Devonshire
Thomas Taylor (age 21) of No.13 Mason St -- born: Lingdale, Yorkshire
Thomas Taylor (age 46) of No.2 Lambton St -- born: Newbiggin, Westmorland
Thomas Teasdale (age 42) of No.8 Lambton St -- born: Old Malton, Yorkshire
George H Templeman (age 35) of No.51 West St -- born: North Shields, Northumberland
John H Thompson (age 32) of No.6 Lambton St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire
William Thompson (age 45) of No.61 West St -- born: Redbourn, Lincolnshire
Robert Turner (age 32) of No.21 West St -- born: Osmotherly, Yorkshire
Thomas Turner (age 56) of No.20 Bulmers Row -- born: Hyde, Cheshire
Thomas W Turner (age 29) of No.33 Lambton St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire
James West (age 25) of No.11 Mason St -- born: Chatham, Kent
Cornelious Wickman (age 38) of No.29 Lambton St -- born: Horninghold, Norfolk
Robert Wicks (age 38) of No.35 Lambton St -- born: Epsom, Surrey
Thomas Wilkinson (age 26) of No.7 Corners Cottages -- born: Wilton, Yorkshire
Charles Williams (age 46) of No.9 Lambton St -- born: Cornwall
Thomas Wilson (age 26) of No.5 Corners Cottages -- born: Guisborough, Yorkshire
William Wilson (age 32) of No.3 Corners Cottages -- born: Upsall, Yorkshire
William Woodward (age 57) of No.25 Cleveland St -- born: Northamptonshire

William Allen (age 62) of No.16 Bulmers Row -- born: Northallerton, Yorkshire
Alfred Dale (age 36) of No.14 Bulmers Row -- born: Thackley, Yorkshire
William Hoggarth (age 38) of No.3 Normanby Road -- born: Moorsholm, Yorkshire
John Hood (age 40) of No.24 High St -- born: Yarm, Yorkshire
William Nelson (age 32) of No.1 Lambton St -- born: Normanby, Yorkshire
James Peacock (age 63) of No.5 West St -- born: Reeth, Yorkshire
John Richardson (age 56) of Mushroom Cottage, -- born: Gedney, Lincolnshire
Stephen Taylor (age 32) of No.6 High St -- born: Kirby Stephen, Westmorland

Joiner and Cartwright
John Whittingham (age 61) of No.12 Parrington St -- born: Wolviston, Durham

James Perkins (age 38) of No.8 Laird St -- born: Swaffam, Norfolk

Labourer in Brick Works
Jess Eccles (age 39) of Hughe's Brick Yard Cottage -- born: Kirbymoorside, Yorkshire

Labourer in Steel Works
John W Codd (age 31) of No.2 Mason St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire

Laundry Maid
Sarah Marshall (age 36) of Laundry House, -- born: Norham, Northumberland

Licenced Hawker
Reuben B Bycroft (age 64) of No.71 West St -- born: Saltfleetby, Lincolnshire

Living on her own means
Jane Garbutt (age 75) of No.15 Lambton St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire

Living on his own means
John Rowe (age 49) of No.20 Lambton St -- born: South Hill, Cornwall
Thomas Thomas (age 59) of Primrose Villa, Normanby Road -- born: South Bank, Yorkshire
Richard Tratthen (age 74) of No.24 Lambton St -- born: Devonshire

Living on own means
Mary Barker (age 64) of No.7 Cleveland St -- born: Sadberge, Durham
James Bean (age 85) of No.22 High St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire
Ann Breckon (age 77) of No.7 Parrington St -- born: Loftus, Yorkshire
John Corner (age 69) of No.11 Corners Cottages -- born: Redworth, Durham
John Dale (age 62) of No.12 , Cleveland St -- born: Bradford, Yorkshire
Sarah Ismay (age 48) of No.17 High St -- born: Brough, Westmorland
Margaret Keith (age 71) of No.5 High St -- born: Scotland
Eliza Wilson (age 73) of No.34 High St -- born: Skelton, Yorkshire

Living Own Means
Elizabeth Bath (age 76) of No.2 Watsons Yard -- born: Broughton Beck, Lancashire

Living own means
George Fidlin (age 45) of No.27 Lambton St -- born: Ludford, Lincolnshire

Living Own Means
John Hobson (age 76) of Cottage, -- born: Burslam, Staffordshire

Living own means
Joseph Thompson (age 80) of No.59 Lambton St -- born: Westerdale, Yorkshire
M.A Tillson (age 62) of No.9 West St -- born: Thornton le Street, Yorkshire

Living Own Means
Charles L.A.W Ward-Jackson (age 22) of Normanby Hall, -- born: Normanby, Yorkshire

Locomotive Fireman
Thomas Coates (age 26) of No.9 Mason St -- born: Normanby, Yorkshire

Market Gardner
Martin Richardson (age 64) of No.18 High St -- born: Stickwood, Lincolnshire

William Forster (age 29) of No.49 High St -- born: Normanby, Yorkshire

Master Butcher and Milk Seller
James Elliott (age 40) of East Lodge, -- born: Stockton, Durham

Metal Carrier
Matthew Bean (age 48) of No.20 High St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire

Milk Seller
William Barker (age 40) of No.22 Lambton St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire

Mine Under Manager
John Nelson (age 48) of Normanby Mines Managers Hse, -- born: Qarrington Hill, Durham

Robert J Boyes (age 37) of No.5 Laird St -- born: Guisborough, Yorkshire
George Chilvers (age 46) of No.4 Laird St -- born: Spouton, Norfolk
Henry Dennison (age 44) of No.4 Parrington St -- born: Eye, Northamptonshire
George Digling (age 31) of No.6 Laird St -- born: Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
William S Guy (age 38) of No.9 The Square -- born: Redcar, Yorkshire
John Marshall (age 46) of No.15 Cleveland St -- born: South Molton, Devonshire
George Norman (age 46) of No.14 Parrington St -- born: Soham, Cambridgeshire
Rowland Owens (age 38) of No.11 Cleveland St -- born: Hebron, Wales
Josiah Trathen (age 33) of No.3 Laird St -- born: St Blazey, Cornwall
James Wake (age 44) of No.11 Parrington St -- born: Thornton Le Moor, Yorkshire
Joseph White (age 45) of No.5 The Square -- born: Harley, Salop
Charles Wood (age 38) of No.1 Laird St -- born: Newmarket, Suffolk

Mineral Water Manufacturer
Christopher Coverdale (age 28) of No.16 High St -- born: Normanby, Yorkshire

Mines Deputy
Henry Doidge (age 59) of No.21 High St -- born: Blentor, Devonshire
Elias Palmer (age 28) of No.36 High St -- born: Coldridge, Devonshire
Charles Pelmear (age 60) of No.12 Cleveland St -- born: Gwennap, Cornwall

Mines Horsekeeper
John Mothersill (age 41) of Horse Keepers Cottage, -- born: Thimbleby, Yorkshire

Mines Lab and Local Preacher
Thomas Hodgson (age 44) of No.35 West St -- born: Buckthorpe, Yorkshire

Barbara Watson (age 67) of No.1 Watsons Yard -- born: Langley Mill, Durham

William Sykes (age 35) of No.68 Lambton St -- born: Wakefield, Yorkshire
Thomas Todd (age 37) of No.4 Cleveland St -- born: Barton, Durham

Painter and Decorator
Thomas W Westgarth (age 38) of No.10 Cleveland St -- born: York, Yorkshire
William Westgarth (age 70) of No.3 High St -- born: Wensleydale, Yorkshire

John Cryer (age 46) of No.2 Bulmers Row -- born: Yorkshire
James Cuthbert (age 56) of No.14 Cleveland St -- born: Normanby, Yorkshire
Richard Linney (age 45) of No.25 Lambton St -- born: Skillington, Lincolnshire

Plumber and Gen Dealer
William Boucher (age 66) of No.29 West St -- born: London, London

Police Constable
William Wyrill (age 29) of No.47 West St -- born: Farlington, Yorkshire

Pork Butcher
Walls Spence (age 46) of No.2 Laird St -- born: Burgh Le Marsh, Lincolnshire

Robert Taylor (age 51) of No.29 Woodman, High St -- born: Pheasantfield, Suffolk

Pumping Engine Driver
Edward Humphreys (age 25) of No.4 Bulmers Row -- born: Eston, Yorkshire

Railway Engine Driver
Samuel Jackson (age 42) of No.13 High St -- born: Picton, Yorkshire

Railway Labourer
Edward Bacon (age 52) of No.20 Parrington St -- born: Long Sutton, Lincolnshire

Railway Platelayer
George Easton (age 47) of No.5 Lambton St -- born: Normanby, Yorkshire
Robert Leadle (age 39) of No.1 The Square -- born: Kilham, Yorkshire
William Simons (age 58) of No.1 Rose Cottage -- born: Beckingham, Lincolnshire

Retd Ship Master
George Brown (age 73) of No.19 Cleveland St -- born: Normanby, Yorkshire

Retired Butcher
Stephenson Boyes (age 72) of No.3 Lambton St -- born: Guisborough, Yorkshire

Rug Maker
James Middleton (age 77) of No.7 The Square -- born: Trentham, Staffordshire

School Master
Richard Bacon (age 26) of School House, -- born: Sutton St James, Lincolnshire

School Master and Organist
Arthur S Brentnall (age 26) of No.8 Parrington St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire

Shoe Dealer
Betty Stockton (age 71) of No.31 High St -- born: Kirbymoorside, Yorkshire

Shoe Maker
John Stockton (age 44) of No.2 High St -- born: South Stockton, Durham

Thomas Moody (age 66) of No.22 Parrington St -- born: Wakefield, Yorkshire

Mary A Bolton (age 66) of No.5 Mason St -- born: Leeds, Yorkshire

Francis H Jackson (age 40) of Normanby Hse, High St -- born: Malton, Yorkshire

Stationary Engine Driver
John Burton (age 27) of No.13 West St -- born: Guisborough, Yorkshire
Robert Hammerton (age 30) of No.4 Lambton St -- born: Old Eston, Yorkshire
William H Hammerton (age 26) of No.7 Lambton St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire
Edward A Winning (age 48) of Hughe's Brick Yard Cottage -- born: Scotland

Steel Rail Tester
John W Shaw (age 27) of No.5 Parrington St -- born: Bishop Auckland, Durham

Clement Evans (age 23) of Raines Yard, Cleveland St -- born: Yarm, Yorkshire
John Gibson (age 26) of No.10 High St -- born: Middlesbro, Yorkshire

Steelworks Labourer
James Bean (age 31) of No.32 High St -- born: Old Eston, Yorkshire

Stone Mason
William Ward (age 31) of No.64 Lambton St -- born: Great Broughton, Yorkshire

Thomas Cuthbert (age 29) of No.1 Cleveland St -- born: Eston, Yorkshire

Vicar of Eston
Edward J.S. Besley (age 35) of No.12 ? Vicarage, High St -- born: Stoke Damie, Devonshire

William Wilson (age 27) of No.40 High St -- born: Normanby, Yorkshire

Weighman Mines
Samuel Bontoft (age 58) of No.13 Parrington St -- born: Louth, Lincolnshire

Wesleyan Home Mission
Thomas D Hicks (age 36) of No.2 Rose Cottage -- born: Cornwall

Mary Geldard (age 65) of No.63 Lambton St -- born: Ellerton, Yorkshire
Mary A Taylor (age 53) of No.31 Lambton St -- born: Rothwell, Yorkshire


  The information in these lists was extracted from the 1891 census documents.
  The originals & copyright of these census documents are held by The National Archives .
  Microfilm copies of census documents can be viewed at many County Record Offices such as Teesside Archives (it may be necessary to book film-readers).
  Searchable indexes of transcripts & images of UK census documents are available on several commercial websites
             (such as Find my or or or ).
  Some of the databases on some of these websites can be accessed for free from terminals in many local
authorities public libraries (you will need your library-card & may need to book a terminal).   Ask at your local library branch to see what is available!

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